Soasig Chamaillard

"I am a french Artist who try to make known my work. About my work I just can say that I don't use Holy Marie as my subject to shock a catholic public. I like to play with icons like a children with his toys,to try to understand the world which surrounds me.
As P.Auster said,'The true goal of art is not to create beautiful objects:it is a method of reflexion,a means of apprehending the universe and of finding its place there'. It's a truth for me. I try to do that with my sensitivity."

super marie

guidage par sainte

sainte barbie


rainbow land

sainte miss

the one

sioux marie

sainte geisha 2

vierge ou petit robot

sainte moon

sainta claus

nouvelle bible

my little mary

hello mary

sang pitié

nouvelle lune

holy pocket

vierge caméléon

sainte fruits & legumes par jour

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