Cherry Pies and Hula!

Well this weekend has been just dreamy! Usually I work all day on a Saturday (I work in a West End theatre) and haven’t seen the real world on a weekend for probably about two years. So how joyous that I managed to get this Saturday off! And what a riotously beautiful day it was. The hottest day of the year so far so out came the denim shorts and off I went, marching purposefully off down Bethnal Green Road to Victoria Park.

Victoria Park; the best loved park in this part of the world, currently having a haul over by the local council much to everyone’s glee. Pedaloes and row boats carry half naked revellers around the lake, a new Chinese style pavilion can be seen amidst the trees, the lake-side café’s had a trendy make over and their range of iced drinks are divine especially on the hottest day of the year!
Soon I found what I was looking for; the huge picnic spread put on by some wonderful friends of mine who also happen to be the founders of the Garden of Vegan. The cherry and apple pies are literally to die for. I may or may not have had more than one. And then there were the various cupcakes and savouries (but who needs savoury when you’ve got sweet?!). Yes, my entire lunch consisted of cherry pie and cake. And the best thing is, you’d never guess it was all vegan from taste alone.

As I was walking home, I fell upon a mini festival in Museum Gardens. Had a little browse at the stalls and a bit of a dance to the live bands and enjoyed the celebration of diversity that I hadn’t even known about. It made me love East London just a little bit more.

The main reason I wasn’t working that day though was to see a show in Shoreditch that a friend of mine was in. It was a double bill show, part of the Unleashed season at Shoreditch Town Hall, and my ticket allowed me to watch The Singing Hypnotist followed by Marawa the Amazing.
After being shown down some stairs obviously not inspected by the health and safety officials, and into a basement, I started to get worried. Especially after seeing what looked like bullet holes in the walls. But the bar was cosy, with string lights hung around the exposed pipes on the ceiling, and the barman was friendly. I decided to have a glass of wine to fortify me in case there was any audience participation.
The first act, Christopher Green as the Singing Hypnotist was really quite funny. He was quirky and at times a little weird, but thankfully no one got pulled up on stage! It’s always me that gets picked out so I was overly grateful for that. He sang a few songs about hypnotism and showed us the power of the mind through a small group exercise where we had to concentrate on our hands and try to pull them apart. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or an actor! But that’s the fun of cabaret!

The end of the night was nearing, but before bed time was part two of the double bill; Marawa the Amazing. It’s not just a name, she really is amazing. My darling friend was one of Marawa’s glamorous assistants (and is also part of Marawa’s hula hooping troupe) and this was the first time for me to see her perform. Marawa came in with a bang, doing a routine on a trapeze swing – no mean feat in a room as small as the one we were crammed into! Then we were all left stunned by her high-heel roller skating, walking on swords and of course, hula hooping. A more glamorous, more talented entertainer never there was. Balloons! Glitter! A ridiculously high number of costume changes! High heeled roller skates! Disco balls! A giant skating panda! Ok, Marawa the Amazing, I’m converted!He

The Bubbly Post By Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes