Electric Kitsch and Cocktails

les2coquettes have landed in the über trendy Hackney Downs Studios! Yesterday, a perfect blue sky day, saw the lovely girls behind the cute designs launch their brand at Electric Kitsch.

I’d brought along a friend of mine, and we didn’t know where we were going at first, it being down a little inconspicuous street, but when we turned the corner into the gates and saw the stall set up with their unique prints, I knew we were in the right place. The table was filled with their trademark mint green prints on t-shirts, as well as bags and pom pom socks, and there were bags hanging along the shop window like fashionable bunting. I had a browse around their t-shirts, but it was so hard to decide which one to buy! They’re all so quirky and cute. But in the end I settled on the one featuring the girls as a mermaid and a sailor. Perfect for summers at the seaside! As my friend Ryan and I went into Electric Kitsch (the shop where les2coquettes are featuring) we were heartily welcomed by a very stylish man with a retro quiff and horn-rimmed glasses and both given a cup of cava each. Free cava? Yes please! It’s in shops like Electric Kitsch that I wish I had more money so that I could buy whatever I wanted. But seeing as I’m not rich, I settled on a gorgeous pink and blue pair of big dangly earrings from the futuristic designer named Girl from Jupiter.

Purchases and cava in hand, Ryan and I went and sat on the giant wooden benches in the sunshine. The Hackney Downs Studios have named their little collection of independent shops the Village Green, which I love, has a great atmosphere. Everyone is just so friendly and smiley, and there are some pieces of modern sculpture dotted around to brighten the place up. We sat for a bit in the sun, but it was so strong that my legs began to stick to the bench (never a pleasant sensation) so we transferred into The Russet café. The bare stone floors made it so cool, and the raspberry ice cream was just what I needed! After some time in the café, and then a little chat with Alice and Carolina back at their feature, we went off down to Hackney Central (only to find there were no trains to Shoreditch that day – “bloody TFL” is the constant complaint of the Londoner).

As it was so early, we decided to go to Brick Lane and have some cocktails! Yay! Never say no to a cocktail. We found a laid back cocktail bar/lounge (the best kind of cocktail bar, I don’t need anything too fancy) with extremely comfortable Middle Eastern style furniture and black and white graffiti artworks on the walls. Frozen daiquiris coming up! Followed by martinis and mojitos. So refreshing! So delicious! And the best way to end an East End Sunday J  

The Bubbly Post By Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes