How Can Anyone Stay Skinny in East London?

So the winter stayed until late June this year. It snowed last week. Or did I just dream that? Maybe I dreamt it…but either way, no one would’ve been surprised if it had! But now the summer is here, all of those who complained it was too cold are not complaining that it’s too hot (while happily drinking cold cider and watching Wimbledon in the park, I might add.)
But now that the sun is here (took your time, eh sun?) I can hide away my winter clothes and dust off the summer outfits! I can walk along the streets in bright blues and reds, get my legs out and whack on the sunglasses. There’s nothing I love more than a pretty, flowing summer dress and brightly painted nails on a sunny day.
Being the first full day off of work I’ve had in a while, and the first sunny day in what feels like centuries, I decided to have a bit of a saunter over to Brick Lane. Now, Brick Lane to many means fresh new fashions, live music and the cool kids about town. And it does mean that to me as well, but on a Sunday, it mostly shouts ‘FOOD!’ at me in a way that I really can’t ignore.
I started off my afternoon jaunt at the Box Park where I enjoyed a happy half hour on the upper section drinking bubble tea. Those of you who don’t know what bubble tea is – you’re missing out! Big time! It’s cold juice/iced tea with jelly bubbles in! A drink and a snack all in one! What genius thought this up?! Not me, unfortunately, but I do buy it at every given opportunity. So that’s where my wages go…

Next I journeyed along Brick Lane, where I was enticed and beckoned from every direction by stalls upon stalls of fresh food. Aromas of Asia, the sweet call of cupcakes and the seductive smells of South America all called my name. My eyes really are a lot bigger than my belly though, and though I wanted to eat absolutely everything in sight, alas, I could only choose one. So I went for the chilli. Probably not the best idea on a scorcher of a day like this!
I continued to battle through the amazing smells, and ogled at all of the delicious delicacies on offer. Virgin pina coladas in pineapples! Fresh sushi! Giant meringues! Bubbling pots of curry! All manner of colourful fruit and veg! Ah, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.
After seeing a few friends, and having a very lazy few hours in the sun at Spitalfields, I headed on home. Picking up a very welcome fresh and fruity gelato from a street vendor. And maybe a cupcake (chocolate and strawberry flavour, mmmm).  And some fresh naan bread (what? It’s to have with dinner!) And maybe a whoopee pie as well…for tomorrow, you know…I’ll save it for tomorrow…*ahem*.  How people stay skinny in East London I really don’t know…

The Bubble Post By Laura C. Phillips  for les2coquettes