Elderly Fashionistas

I was on the tube the other day, just sitting there, minding my own business. The tube stopped at the next station and on got this amazingly well dressed woman. Beautifully curled hair, shining black sunglasses perched on her head, red lipstick and a pair of heels that most girls would kill for. She wasn’t in her 20s or 30s, she was about 80. No kidding. Eighty!
And I just sat and stared at her for my entire journey. So awkward, but I admired her so much for not shuffling around in soft Velcro granny shoes and a hairnet. It got me thinking about other fashionable old people that I’ve seen. There was the old man who had on his best brogues, a crisp white shirt and stylish braces. And the old lady I used to see in Bethnal Green who wore a huge fur coat, layers and layers of mascara and beautiful red t-bar heels. I scoured the internet to find some good examples for you guys, and have come across a site called Advanced Style which collects photos of stylish and fashionable older women. It made me smile J

So here’s a little compilation of elderly fashionistas in homage to the OAPs who’ve still got it. And hopefully to make you feel more optimistic about life!

Bubbly Post by Laura C Phillips  for les2coquettes