Life's Big Questions

I was going to write a blog about something East London related this week, but yesterday I worked in the morning and then was too tired and/or lazy to go out and about. I was thinking of visiting the Backyard Cinema in Brick Lane – an outdoor screen with deckchairs and drinks, but it was a very temperamental day yesterday and didn’t want to end up watching movies in the rain, followed by sun, followed by rain. I’d end up with an afro. So instead I stayed home in my duvet with the cats, watching Mad Men and trashy movies.

It was while I was being lazy on the sofa that I began to ponder some very important life questions. John Hamm (of Mad Men fame) is he good looking or not? The more I look at him, the more confused I get. What do you guys think? Maybe he’s just too old for me. Personally, I prefer the blonde guy whose name I don’t know.

And then it got me thinking about life’s other big questions. Such as ‘why does everyone think George Clooney’s so hot?’ and ‘am I the only one in the world who doesn’t fancy Brad Pitt?’

(Yes, if you haven’t realised by now, this blog is just an excuse to eye up good-looking men. And make you lovely readers all very happy of course!)

I prefer the less obvious men. How about a bit of James Franco? (He looks good on film, but it’s hard finding a photo that does him justice! So you’d better appreciate this one)

Or (my favourite) Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

While I was sitting there pondering the mysteries of human attraction, I came to my next life dilemma…cookie dough or chocolate brownie ice cream?!

Bubble Post by Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes