Love Stories

Starting on a slightly depressing note (apologies), my boyfriend of over a year and a half left the country to work on cruise ships last Monday. And he is now my ex-boyfriend. Fantastic……Not. So I’ve been on the kind of emotional rollercoaster that makes you want cry your eyes out one second and punch someone the next. Which is never fun. But luckily for my sanity, my best friend Hannah has been right there, feeding me chocolate cake and downing copious amounts of wine alongside me. On Sunday, we spent a sunny day in Essex at a 1940s airshow watching planes do acrobatics and listening to old-timey swing and harmonies. Cider was a-flowing and there were plenty of men in uniform for us to ogle!

As the men in World War Two army uniforms and US Navy dough boy hats strolled past, I sat back and daydreamed of all the love stories made in the war time. When girls had victory rolls and red lipstick, and the men wrote love poetry on the long heart-wrenching nights in the barracks *sigh*

But since I’ve been sitting around being heartbroken, I’ve been cheering myself up with other people’s (successful) love stories. I’m going to share a few with you now, just in case you’re all in need of a good old weep into your Ben and Jerry’s.

There was a story I saw hidden in a corner of a newspaper recently about a couple in China that really made me smile inside. He’d been riding his bicycle to work and accidently knocked her down. He heroically leapt out of his bicycle saddle, stretched his hand down to her. Their eyes met, their hands touched! Electricity passed through the air! Boom! Love at first sight. Now they’re married. Painful, yes, but SO SWEET!

Don’t forget the fictional story of Ryan Gosling in The Notebook where he builds their dream house to win her back from her rich, but really quite annoying fiancé. *sob* Don’t worry Ryan! I love you! You can build a house for me! Forget about Rachel McAdams! (See how I snuck a bit of the Gos in there? Hehe! You guy’s had better appreciate that!)

Then there’s the story of the man who came up with a meticulous plan that took months to bring together to propose to his girlfriend. He managed to get together a group of singers to all get onto her usual train to work without her noticing. He also snuck on and hid amongst the crowd. They then sang, he fought through the crowd and dropped to one knee, she cried (hopefully happy tears!), everyone cheered. Ah, rom com material if ever I saw it!

The latest story I’ve added to my sad little collection is that of Bob and Bernie. They fell in love as teenagers, but the war caused them to lose touch. He was a soldier, she worked for the RAF. Her parents didn’t approve and hid the letters that he sent, leaving them both to think the other had fallen out of love. Now they’re 89 and 87 and have finally been reunited. They have just got married. Who said love dies?! That story could give even the most hopeless case hope.

And those are my current favourite love stories (that don’t end in tragic death). And to wrap it all up, I give you the world famous Times Square kiss! *swoon*


Bubbly Post by Laura C Phillips  for les2coquettes