Colour Me Beautiful

In last week’s blog I mentioned street art in East London. I love it, I absolutely adore it, and any chance I get I go on long walks around the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane to take in any new pieces that have been put up. So I thought I’d share with you all the joys of street art in this blog!

I’ve always admired the street art in the local area, and earlier this year I went to Berlin which is home to the world famous street art masterpiece in the form of the East Side Gallery. And it’s been since then that I’ve really started taking an interest. I’ve learnt about the different street artists and am now able to tell which pieces belong to which artist. And there are also so many different types of street art! There are the usual painted and spray painted murals, but there are also sculptures and reliefs dotted about high on walls and on roofs, pasted up poster art and satirical scribblings.

My favourite artists currently painting up the East End are Art is Trash, who basically decorates rubbish and unwanted items on the street to look like people (his work was even in the newspaper the other day!), and D7606 who makes small poster art of letter boxes and telephone boxes with famous women. There’s also Jimmy C whose work is everywhere at the moment – he creates portraits made up of dots.!

So if you’re in London, you definitely need to get a good pair of walking shoes on and take a long walk around the East End to take in the art on offer

Bubble Post By Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes