Rainy Days

So summer upped and left us last week. Ok…bye…bye summer! Thanks for ditching me so heartlessly!

And now the skies are low and heavy, everything’s grey and damp. And it’s raining. Raining raining raining! I’ll have to think of things to do to entertain myself on these wet and cold days ahead.

So I had a look on the internet for things to do on rainy days. The lists that came up made me very depressed to be an adult. Being a grown up is boring sometimes! The lists for things to do on rainy days for adults included such boring, dreary activities as ‘give your house a clean’ (yawn), ‘turn off all electrical items and listen to the rain’ (sigh) and ‘film the storm then edit a ballad or classical music onto it’ (What? Just…what?). I would much prefer to get out the board games or revert to childhood with some crafts. I think it would be the perfect rainy day if you had a load of friends over and found a list of activities for children to do when it’s raining and then do them! How about an indoor treasure hunt?! YES! Or an indoor obstacle course? Hell yeah! There’s even making your own den! You could fill it with chocolate and wine and pillows and just mong out. Lovely jub.

Then of course, there’s the internet. Here are some fun and cute things to brighten up the dull days of rain and the sniffles…

The YouTube celebrity cat from Japan…Maru! I can watch him all day long J

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal! Very pointless, but very funny! Perfect for a random rainy internet day!

 Be a big ol’ geek and play a geography quiz! This is what I do, because I am a loser. But I’m also a quiz master. What can I say…

My favourite site for boredom busting is happyplace.com. It is a compilation of funny, awkward, inspiring and cute things found on the internet. You will love it. It’s amazing and deserves some kind of award.

Snuggle up in your duvet, grab a glass of wine and just have a lazy day! Go on! You deserve it. Happy internet roaming! J

Bubble Post by Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes