Elefant Friends!

So as you all know from my last blog, I’m in Thailand right now, enjoying mountains of rice, iced drinks galore and plenty of sunshine! I have also been enjoying the company of some old and new friends. These old and new friends just so happen to be elephants. (I know, I think I’ve gone slightly mental too!)

            The first time I ever came to Thailand was in 2008 when I was 19, and I volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park. I fed and bathed the elephants, built huts for them, cut corn for them, and came to know a few of them. My favourite was always an old lady elephant called Jokia who was blind. You’d never think it, but I could easily pick her out of a herd, and I began to be able to recognise a few of the other elephants that I spent time with. So coming back to see them has been very special indeed! I like to think Jokia recognised my scent when I went to see her last week. She’s such a gentle and sweet lady!

            Elephants are everywhere in Thailand in some form or another. Whether it be in temple architecture, on cartoons, on t-shirts or actually in the flesh in the jungle. I love seeing all of the things they can attach elephant images to!

            As well as visiting my old friends at the Elephant Nature Park, I went to meet some new elephant friends. My (human) friend Burm has set up his own elephant sanctuary with his fiancée Emily out in a quiet, unassuming valley. They only have two elephants at the moment, both of whom have retired to live a carefree life away from the tourist routes and away from pulling logs all day. Their names are Mae Kham and Mae Jumpee, and together they roam the river and forest. I imagine them nattering away to each other about ex-husbands and where to get a good perm and blue rinse. It was so much fun feeding them and splashing around in the water with them. I think we’re firm friends now, and I hope to go back to see them  next year. I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see me!

Bubble Post by Laura C.Phillips for les2coquettes