Got Your Costume Sorted?

            Next week is Halloween! Yaaaaaaay! I love Halloween. Big parties, dressing up and seeing hundreds of people walking the street dressed as dead people and mythical beings. There just couldn’t be a better holiday. The only part of it is trying to decide what to dress up as. It’s actually pretty stressful. This year I’m going to a ‘Dead Famous’ party where you dress as someone dead…and famous…it’s kind of self-explanatory really. So I think I’ll go as Marilyn Monroe. Just need to find a wig. And a dress. And some shoes. I have the lipstick though!

            So, darling readers, what are you going as? I have friends who are dressing up as Jimi Hendrix and Marie Antoinette (it’s hard enough getting together a Marilyn costume, I can’t imagine how difficult that one’s going to be!). The others haven’t decided yet. And as the 31st looms ever closer, it’s getting more and more frenzied trying to decide!

            I’ve been thinking back to past costumes to help anyone out there who’s stuck, but most are pretty unoriginal, like the time I dressed up as a cat, the time I dressed as a nurse, a vampire, the doll from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and as a pirate. I’ve also been as Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” and as Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. My favourite was the time I went as Mrs Peacock with the gun in the library. I had a veiled hat and a gun in my garter. I even won a prize for that one!

            I’ve had a fixation for a while to go as a German beerstein girl, but there’s been no opportunity thus far. Boo. But for you guys…what could you be?

A super hero?

Some kind of animal? (Not the typical cat, but how about this super-inventive bat costume?)


Ghost busters? You could exorcise all of the uninventive people who threw a bed sheet over their head at the last minute and claimed that they’re a ghost.

You could make a pun costume? If you’re a smarty-pants who likes to play on words? You must have seen at least one great pun costume in your time, especially if you watch “New Girl”. Here it is…”Reigning Cats and Dogs”…

Or if you love attention and/or are always on top of the latest news, you could make a topical costume! How about Miley Cyrus? You can’t get more topical than that…just don’t forget the foam finger and a lack of dignity.

It’ll be fun if you commented to let us know what you dressed up as or are planning on dressing up as! Happy costume hunting!

Bubble Post by Laura C. Phillips for les2coquettes