Nails and insane nails art!

It’s now officially party season, December’s on top of us and we all need to get thinking about this season’s outfits. Dresses, shirts, shoes, hair pieces, hair styles, jewellery, make up and lastly – nails. Everyone seems to forget about nails and how integral they are to the outfit. Bitten down nails, dry hands and chipped varnish just won’t cut it! I tend to go for just plain colours, no fake nails, no fancy patterns. But maybe a cheeky touch of glitter!

So how do you do your nails? Do you paint them regularly? Do you get manicures for a special occasion? If you like to do it yourself and are running out of ideas, I’ve compiled a lovely photo list of some of the most insane and complex nail art ever known to womankind. Imagine typing with any of these fierce designs stuck to your fingers!

It seems these nail artists (and from these photos you can see they’re really artists!) take inspiration from everything around them, from their favourite movies to nature, cartoons to the festive season. (Also does anyone remember nail piercings?! I just remembered those!)

Feast your eyes!

Bubble Post by Laura C. Phillips for Les2coquettes