Ode to the Bearded Man

So last week I moved into a new flat with a very old, very dear friend, and in homage to her, I have decided to fill up my latest blog with men wearing their majestic beards with pride. They also sport lots of body art. She has a very specific type (bearded, tattooed gingers).

Beards are roaring back onto the scene. Neatly groomed bushy beards are all the rage, especially amongst the trendy dwellers of East London. Forget about soul patches and bum fluff on the upper lip, it’s size that matters. Don’t you listen when they say it doesn’t. 

Here is a little ditty I found honouring the beard to accompany you whilst you browse the fine specimens of manhood below:

“There are beards that reach down to you toes
And beards that grow right up your nose
They're quite impressive I suppose
But I think I love your beard the most

Some are big and some are small
And some men don't have one at all
My grandma had one i recall
But ladies beards aren't beautiful

Just the sight of a beard can cure a frown
Naked chins just leave me feeling down
Oh, if your beard was mine to kiss
I just don't think I could resist
Lately that's all I've been dreaming of

Oh, all great men who've been revered
Have facial hair from ear to ear
And even though it's hard to hear
I think I only love you for your beard”

And so the following gallery is for you Hannah (I also know that the lovely L’Ali appreciates a good well groomed beard on a man) – enjoy ladies!