Independent Living in Blackheath

*Life update* - I moved out into my own flat with my good friend Hannah (Miss Beard Lover 2014 as mentioned in my last blog!) We’re now living in Blackheath south of the river (never thought I’d be living south of the river!) and it’s super lovely. Our flat is all higgledy piggledy, and has a cute cottage feel. It kind of reminds me of the Weasley’s house but on a smaller scale (if you don’t know Harry Potter that’ll be definitely be lost on you). The floors are wonky and creaking, but it all adds to the fun! Rolly pollies down the living room hill anyone?

But it’s cosy and Blackheath is very lovely and almost like living in the countryside. I think it’s about as close to living in the actual countryside that a city girl like me will ever get. The station and the ‘village’ are so quaint and old fashioned, I can imagine soldiers coming home to their girls from the station and the Victorians strolling around on the heath in the summer in too many layers.

Here’s the heath – isn’t it lovely?!

Anyway, independent living. It so far isn’t too hard *touch wood* and we’ve made the flat very cosy and homely. So I thought I’d share with you all some little touches (that don’t hurt your purse too much!) that can make your house more like a home.

I knitted myself some bunting to hang above my bed…

We got some little flowers for our living room table. £1! That’s nothing!

Bit of string spare? Couple of pegs? Yes! Practicle AND cute!

A classic in making places more homely…the corkboard. Mine’s filled with photos, cards, business cards of my favourite places and little knick knacks. And I got cute little lady bug, turtle and rubber duck pins from Paperchase (the shop that never fails to deliver!)

The shared world map! Green stickers mark Hannah’s places, purple mine (we’ve overlapped for countries we’ve both been too).

And last but definitely not least…the string light! If there’s one thing that can turn anywhere into a home it’s the trusty old string light. I have three sets in my bedroom and we’ve got two sets of curtain lights in the living room. LOVE.
If you’ve got a new place, I hope you settle in easily and get crafty with the sewing machine or knitting needles to tailor it to you!


Laura C. Phillips