Another day of wellington boots.  The last time I put on anything even resembling a high heel, I twisted my ankle trying to make my way from one side of a cobbled street to the other.  I spent the following week limping around in wellies - arguably harder than walking in heels!  Yes, I live in the Lake District, where the population of sheep outweighs the number of young professionals 1000:1.  This is not the life I thought I’d be leading as a recent graduate with the world at my feet.  London seems a far cry from my inglenook fireplace and local bakery.

Though Cumbria has its perks; gorgeous scenery, peace and quiet, amazing local produce and fascinating country traditions, there are three things that they should have warned you about before moving to the middle of nowhere.

1) It is the least connected place.  Ever.  No joke.  People can get to the east coast of America faster than I can get home to the South.
2) All that time you spent trying to avoid chain coffee shops in the city?  That’s all over.  I haven’t had a Starbucks Chai Latte in three months.  
Also the nearest Nando’s is two hours away.  Two hours!  Geez, can someone not get some macho peas around here?
3) All those dresses, heels, vest tops, generally fashionable t-shirts you bought, thinking that you’ll need in the real world - you just won’t need them.  

Referring to point three.  Since I moved here, I have bought a fleece.  It is something I swore never to do, but yes, I bought a fleece.  It’s warm, and lightweight true, but I judge myself for having fallen into the group of people who think it’s acceptable to wear a zip up fleece instead of a jacket.  Since this fateful day I’ve sworn to myself never to succumb to Cumbrian fashion again.  Whatever the weather, I will endeavour to be at least semi fashionable, and here are the three staples I came up with.

1. The Hunter Wellie.  Why wouldn’t you want a shoe that you can just blast with a hose and, volia.  Clean once more!  If they did heels that did that I would be first one in the line shouting “TAKE MY MONEY”.  Sorry - next I’ll be heralding the many merits of fleece which I promised I would not do.  We only really have Hunter to thank for making fashionable what should only be horrific.  A knee high rubber boot?  What is that about!  But yes - Hunter wellie boots are the must have for fields and fords.  I’ve even walked through central London to see the odd person, sure that the presence of an odd puddle warrants boots.  

2. The trapper hat.  I know you’ll start complaining to me about hat hair, but I have personally found that it’s better to have slightly flat, crumpled looking hair, than wild windswept hair that bares no resemblance to something you would ever want to have on your head.  See, the Lake District is full of hills.  I am one of those people who likes walking up hills, just for the sake of being at the top of things.  The wind at the top of a hill in the lake district is both remarkable and disturbing in equal measures.  It’s as if you were an ant, stood in the wake of a hairdryer - on cold setting of course.  Trapper hats fasten under the chin, but they are so gorgeously retro that no one will question why you, like a toddler, have needed to fasten clothes to you.  It manages to protect every part of your hair with flap or fur, leaving you free to enjoy the hills at your leisure, before returning to civilisation, not looking like the wicked witch of the west.

3. My third and final essential.  The Barbour jacket (though I occasionally substitute this with a fisherman’s mac if weather turns particularly soggy.  Two raincoats is definitely not over preparing).  Again like the fine Hunter company, we can thank Barbour for making a fashionable, but highly utilitarian coat that members of the WI and Hollywood walk of fame can both wear ensemble.  I can particularly recommend the ones with the Liberty London linings, though like me, you’ll have to resist the urge to wear it inside out.


Winter is drawing in, so prepare to see me in the full wellie, trapper hat and Barbour ensemble on a hill top near you soon.



 Hello!  I’m Sophie - lover of coast, country and all things baked and smothered in icing.
Recent university graduate and bumbling my way through the life of an employed editor.