Paw Pageant 2014! The BEST and CUTEST day of my LIFE!

Every year, Old Spitalfields Market hosts a special Paw Pageant to raise money for Battersea Cat and Dog Home which rescues and rehomes unfortunate animals.
The Paw Pageant also provides a cosy and fun environment for all of those escaping from the traditional Bank Holiday rain (of course, it wouldn't be a Bank
Holiday without a downpour).

The event kicked off with a wonderful and super adorable doggy fashion show, with dog models showing off the latest in canine fashions from the wonderful LoveMyDog.
Whippets, shih-tzus, Dachsunds and a single majestic Great Dane, strutted their stuff on the catwalk...er *cough* I mean dogwalk...in bright knits, hat and scarf
combos perfect for the approaching autumn, tweed jackets and (appropriately) dogstooth coats and caps.

After the professionals had done their thing, it was time for the everyday dogs whose owners had dragged them up on stage to perform tricks, take part in the fancy
dress competition, and tell their heart-wrenching stories of rescue for a panel of judges. There were dogs whose owners had rescued them from other countries, some who
were homeless and down-trodden, and some who had been abused, but with much love and care, they all looked beautiful and healthy and happy. Heartwarming!

I don't know how I survived the sheer amount of cuteness that was happening around me. It was a cute overload. Small children, dogs, dogs in outfits, dogs in hats,
dogs in dinosaur outfits being walked by small girls with curly hair and bows, AHHHH!
Talk about ovaries exploding. You could almost here them popping across the room when those little girls with the dinosaur dog walked on stage.

As well as cuteness, there was sheer weirdness and hilarity. There was the funny little woman with a bum bag who was parading herself in front of the judges more than
her dog. There was the man whose dog's trick was that she 'loves leaves'. There was the woman who had dressed up her dog in tinfoil and Christmas lights to look like
Diana Ross. And there was the sweet old man who brought on his dog to head footballs, but as soon as he let the little creature off of his lead he ran off into the
crowds. Ahhh, just an average day at the dog show.