Pubs. They are all over and we all love them. I don’t believe there´s one single person in this city who hasn’t been to one. Every pub offers a different atmosphere, each of them seeming to have a particular type of “personality” of their own, which you can sense as soon you step in. Undoubtedly, pubs are also places where you can actually find the most diverse types of human personalities, each of them performing a different role in the complex plot being always under unconscious development in this “public houses” (where the name “pub” actually comes from, as they are open to the general public). And I happened to be an spectator to the development of one of these plots a few days ago.

It was Friday night, and I was feeling certainly tired beyond exhaustion, after a ridiculously long and busy week. Though my spirits are always up, I have to say, no without shame, that night I was craving more eagerly for a comfy bed than for a refreshing drink. Not having much more strength than that needed to keep on picking up my glass, I drifted out from conversation and busied myself by observing vaguely the scene presented before my eyes. Please don’t tell me off! I know this is not what you´re supposed to do at pubs, don’t want you to think I have the attitude of an old boring lady!  However, by my observing, I came across many interesting things. 
As I said, there was a scene being developed before my eyes, with each person at the pub playing a role in it. This immediately made me think of that work by Calderón dela Barca, “El gran teatro del mundo” (“The great theatre of the world”), in which this Spanish writer reflects on how life can be understood as a theatre play, in which each of us plays a fundamental part and has a very defined role essential to the correct development of the play/life. With such a display of characters before my eyes, I realised pubs where not an exception to this interesting idea, and in fact may constitute a great example.
Can you guess what I found? Let me tell you, and maybe you’ll recognize some characters you yourself have seen at the pub!

First, people sitting at the bar: crazy group of on-their-way-to-drunkness singers. Tall, robust young men, wearing neat grey suits, in some way, at least on my humble foreigner’s opinion, embodying the young English gentleman stereotype at its maximum.

Then, there was that discrete couple of strangers talking cheerfully to each other, she smiling and playing with her hair flirty, he looking at her rapaciously. Of course the unmissable chatty waiters talking happily to the costumers, of which the Italian one is stealing glances from the group of girls gathered gossiping on the corner.
Finally, the diplomatic manager, talking politely yet cheerfully to people, making sure they’re having a good time.

Looking further around, sitting at the table on one corner, there´s this lady in her mid-forties with many empty beer glasses in front of her, and one half way to be emptied soon on her hand. She’s close to tears and talks unstoppably to her friend, who nods repeatedly attempting mildly to say something from time to time. The group of regulars on the other corner, greeting and being greeted by everyone with a broad smile and putting up their glasses of beer each time.

And finally, there was me, the observer. I wasn’t exactly the soul of the party that night, but hey, lets think it this way: the pubs may offer some of the most picturesque and beloved images Britain can offer about its people and its costums. I believe it’s worth it to become the observer from time to time, if it’s only to marvel yourself in front of these amazing characters. Just like a night out at the theatre, but cheaper, much more surprising and delightful, and one of the stars in it is...you.


"Hi!  I am Florencia, a recently graduated Arts teacher, actress and eager reader and writer. Also, a great adventurer, day-dreamer and imaginer, who loves long walks and colourful sunset skies."