<<'Cause baby when I heard you for the first time I knew we were meant to be as one>>
This is what Kyle Minouge has teached us. And she is right.
Love at first sight. Is it one of those things that only happens in movies, with some sweet love song playing in the background, or does it actually happen in real life? 

I think every girl in her whole life has fell in love with someone just looking at him.

I do it everyday like ten times, at least.. on the underground or just walking on the street. But I think I am a clinical case, I should go and get some therapy.
Yeah, because it's our brain's fault!
In recent years the possibility to watch the brain working has offered a wealth of insight into the mechanics of love. Studies have shown that when we fall in love, different parts of our brain work together to release chemicals that trigger feelings of euphoria, bonding and excitement. Using brain scans scientists found that different parts of the medial prefrontal cortex, the region the at sits near the front of the brain, make snap judgments about physical attraction and whether the person is likely to be a compatible match all within milliseconds of seeing a new face.

One line of evidence is that people are able to decide in a fraction of a second how attractive they find another person. What a wonderful feeling! Meeting a persone with beautiful eyes, nice smile, or even just someone who is so good looking can change your day.
Somewhere I've red that doctors compare love at first sight with the feeling you have after eating lots of chocolate: you feel a rush, a natural high, your heart beats faster, you sweat. It can seems disgusting but we all know it's everyhing exept disgusting.
So after all this scientific teories, can you think about what happens every second of a day in every brain? All of us create a mental image of our potential partner. When we walk into a room, even without really realizing it, we will find ourself liking a few potential partners and not bothering with a few. And in the same moment, there is a potential partner who may do exactely the same with us too. This is scaring, I know.

I have red a survey and 48% of men have said that they’ve fallen in love at first sight compared to only 28% of women who said the same.
So the boys are more romantic than girls?
Maybe they believe in love at first sight. The problem is that they believe in it so much that every woman they date can become the "love of their life." Or of their night. It depends.
I know that somebody is not agree with me, because a part of me is not agree as well.
Love at first sight is different from love: because you don't know who that person is, all you can see is just the exterior and you can like the way someone looks but you it's impossible love him when you first see him. When we say we love someone we are insinuating that we love what they look like as well as who they are. If you don't know that then you can't love someone. If you see a really handsome guy, and later find out that he is complete idiot... well, that will suck for you and you will be heart broken. True story.
So does love at first sight work? It most definitely does!


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