Well, not that you actually have to be aware of them. Of us. Yes I’m one of them, but I assure we are completely harmless.
Long travels, let’s admit it, are part of mostly everyone’s life in London, and over some time you start to feel a bit annoyed out of your sense of uselessness during the trip. “I need to be productive! I need to be productive!” A symptom of modern world? Well who knows, it could be, but the true fact here is
that you start wondering what to do during those long trips around the city.

And so you think: what better than taking a book with you to feel your long hours underground are worth it?But sometimes, in the rush of going out after oversleeping a bit too much and feeling absolutely hungover (yeah, another part of mostly everyone’s life in London are the night outs till late in local pubs), after all that, you forget your book on your desk. You realise when it’s already too late, you’re on your way, and can’t go back and get it. Something similar to despair possesses you, what to focus your attention on now? How can I make me feel I’m actually doing something productive?

Well, that’s when you turn, almost inevitably, into a book peeper. Needing to find something to concentrate now you are without the company of your book, to make the trip a bit more bearable, you start to look surreptitiously over somebody else’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of their reading. Sometimes you cannot get a lot out of this spy’s enterprise, the tube moves to much, the letters are just to small for you to see. But sometimes you do get something out of it. And sometimes it turns out to be much better than you expected.

Sometimes, the reader (maybe a handsome reader), catches you in your naughtily looking over his shoulder and, completely unexpectedly, he starts talking to you.
”Hey, have you read this book? I saw you looking at it. Started it recently...”Though pleasantly surprised, you engage in conversation, and so the chat starts flowing nicely about characters, past readings and impressions on books. And suddenly but inevitable, just as the turning of the page of a book, the conversation turns into a discussion about where to go for a drink after getting off.Believe me, it happens in busy London undergrounds.  Or it could perfectly happen, which is nearly the same thing.And let’s admit it, ending up having an improvised date, or something of the sort, makes much more worth the pounds you spend in your Oyster. So maybe we should start bewaring less of book peepers and forgetting more often our books on the desk!


"Hi!  I am Florencia, a recently graduated Arts teacher, actress and eager reader and writer. Also, a great adventurer, day-dreamer and imaginer, who loves long walks and colourful sunset skies."