Well, let’s say she is not necessarily my enemy, but, more specifically, I’m sleeping with my perfect antithesis.

London is such an eclectic, hectic city, one of those places that seem to be a roller coaster of experiences and urban adventures. It really makes you face the most unlikely situations. 
One of the awkward and utterly uncomfortable situations in which this frenzied city has thrown me in is that of sharing the room with a complete stranger who turned out to be my perfect, diametrical opposite.
It was my first move after arriving at the city having finished a summer internship, and being on quite a pitiful budget, my options and possibilities were certainly not great. In spite of this, I never thought I would find such a person as I found, sleeping so close to me. I mean, moneywise shouldn’t equal “peoplewise”, right?

 First example of our absolute incompatibility: she sleeps all the time. Whenever I come back home, she’s there lying asleep in bed. Most of the times snoring loudly. While I can’t stand being in the same place or doing the same thing for a long time (and by the way, this has to be something I consider at some point productive, or productive even within its idleness), she can spend more than ten hours sleeping, at absolutely any time of the day. No kidding. So I find myself in the inconvenient situation of trying to be silent most of the times. Though from time to time I stop caring “accidentally”.

Take another example by comparing our desks. Mine: big piles of books, notebooks of every size and colour, with many different papers coming out from between the pages. Lots of pencils, a sketch book, some pens. Headphones. A cup which usually contains coffee, but during the night it’s usually tea. Hers: Bags of every size and colours containing the most varied types of make up, a lot of hair accessories,including some fake hair (puaj!), necklaces, enormous shocking-coloured earrings. Sunglasses and multiple hair sprays. An always half-eaten pack of cookies or sweets.

So then imagine, that to make good use of all that stuff, you really need time to put all of it on you. That means waking up at least (and not less than) an hour earlier to go to work. That means 5.30 am, roughly. And hence, that means I wake up at 5.30, ‘cause it’s not really easy to remain asleep while the sprays are fuzzing, the wardrobe doors being opened and closed to take out and put back in the different things she’s trying on, etc.

Finally, while my daily adventures include random encounters in the streets, which lead to random, interesting chats; meeting up with friends, discovering new places hiding in this big city, reading a book; trying anything new; spotting a lovely captivating image which later I turn into a drawing, sporting; hers mainly consists in doing the daily shopping and making some complaints about the tenants. As you can see, there’s not much we can actually share when we get home (and if she happens to be awake). We are as different as the salads I have and the nutella sandwiches she eats can possibly be.


I don’t need to depict all the inconveniences we have been causing to each other just by, well, just by being ourselves. It is incredible at how many levels you can actually bother and be bothered by a person who is so opposite to you in almost every respect. 
Yeap, you might be thinking I am making her look like she’s the baddy. She’s not the baddy, she’s just the annoying-y.  But I am not being judgemental, just tried to help you get a picture of her. She’s actually quite a great character in her own way, or at least from the point of view of my completely different perspective. You know, some people unexpectedly find their soul mates in a different part of the world. I haven’t done that yet (yet!), but hey, I just found my perfect antithesis. How many of you have actually done that? It must have some merit, mustn’t it?


"Hi!  I am Florencia, a recently graduated Arts teacher, actress and eager reader and writer. Also, a great adventurer, day-dreamer and imaginer, who loves long walks and colourful sunset skies."