All hail Blake Lively - the undisputed queen of red carpet glamour, mixed with an edge of off-duty New York cool. I’m sure, like myself, many of you have loved her for years as Gossip Girl’s poster girl Serena Van Der Woodsen – the character we all liked to think had a tad more of a moral compass than her counterparts.

Never has there been an occasion when Blake looks anything less than flawless, even when she pops down to the shops. This could be down to her impossibly long and well-conditioned blonde hair, all-year-round tan and stunning smile, but there is also the added magic of her most sought after accessory: husband Ryan Reynolds.

It is no coincidence that Blake has fronted campaigns for the front-runners of high-end fashion including Chanel, Gucci and L’Oreal. She gives us all something to aspire to, be it with what she wears, how she does her hair and make-up or even what she chooses to do with her spare time. Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that this year saw Blake launch her own lifestyle site ‘Preserve’, which is where she recently chose to announce the wonderful news of her pregnancy and illustrate this even further with the most picture perfect baby shower of all time:

Get the Look

Blake’s look – although seemingly impossible to recreate – is not that hard to put together. It is really about the way she carries herself with confidence and the accessories she chooses to bring it all together. She is very much a fan of colour-blocking and breathing life into plain items with a mix-match of bright jackets, skirts and handbags.

Of course we’re not trying to pretend that having Ryan Reynolds on one arm and a Chanel handbag in the other doesn’t add a great deal to the mix, but why not start with pairing one of your Les2coquettes white t-shirts with the brightest jacket or hand bag in your wardrobe? You can then begin to build on this with brighter trousers, skirts and shoes as you go along. Just remember to build outwards from your first item and you’ll be the subject of Gossip Girl’s column in no time.



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