When it comes to that magic combination of girl next door meets red carpet glamour, there really is no other competition for Emma Stone. She is an absolute fash-spiration to all of us, especially if her most recent press tour for The Amazing Spiderman 2 is anything to go by.

With A-List designers such as Dolce and Gabbana (as pictured above), Thakoon and Versace, queuing up to dress her on the red carpet, Emma Stone is absolutely at the top of her game, whilst managing to capture the hearts of guys and even more importantly girls everywhere.

She is the girl you want to be your best friend, due to her funny, down to earth personality which really makes you just want to sit down with her and talk sh*t about boys. Although in that department she probably wouldn’t have a lot to complain about seeing as she’s dating the adorably handsome Andrew Garfield (her co-star in The Amazing Spiderman franchise). But do we hate her for it? Oh no, how could you hate someone who comes across so nice and gets it right fashion-wise every time?

Get the Look

Emma’s off duty style is oh-so-stylish yet so easy to copy. Why not pair a Les2Coquettes t-shirt with your go-to jeans and a light sweater, or even a plaid shirt with a few buttons done up.

Then with winter coming, it is the perfect excuse to get the ankle boots out and wrap around a cosy scarf. Don’t forget the Raybans though (or nearest equivalent), for Emma there is no need to worry about the season, sunglasses are an essential all year round.


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