Tyler Shields is back at the Imitate Modern

 As the daughter of a professional photographer, I've spent most of my childhood being bored at exhibitions and I must admit, at 10 years old, Art galleries were not my favorite places in the world. But growing up, I started to get more interest in it and later discovered one of America most rebel photographer, Tyler Shields. Sexy and glamour, shocking and  controversial,sometimes even violent but always with a touch of class and red lipstick as his favorite weapon, Shields photographs most reflects the excess of fame. He surround himself with the young and most talented rising stars of Hollywood such as Misha Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Snow, Emma Roberts, the cast of ABC «Revenge» for his 'Chromatic' exhibition and more others, all ready to do anything and out of their comfort zone for their crazy photographer friend to take the perfect shot. In 2012, Shields took infamous shots of his ex-girlfriend Francesca Eastwood (daughter of Clint) where she was seen with a burning $100,000 Hermes Birkin (beautiful) red bag, the world got really pissed by that one ! Well, he later sold that photo and gave the money for charity, I forgived him, I understand the crazy things people are willing to do for the love of Art. 

The last time Tyler Shields was in London, the Imitate Modern hosted his « Submerged » exhibition, the definition of what glamour and sexy looks like underwater, and to be honest those photographs are my favorites.

Tyler Shields is a regular of the Imitate Modern, a contempory art gallery located in the heart of  Marylebone and his coming back this year with his new exhibition 'Provocateur', opening on the 4th of October until the 1st of November 2014. The Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm and you can find more informations about Tyler Shields work and what the Imitate has ready for us later on by taking a clic at imitatemodern.com 
Also if you can get your hands on it, take a look at Shields first book «The dirty side of Glamour» with over 130 of his best photographs so far, this piece of art is a must have on your bookshelf. And as a man of many talents, Tyler Shields wrote two novels and recently directed his first movie «Final Girl». 

So if you're looking for me next Saturday, I'll be at the Imitate Modern, obviously. 

Coline M.


Hello ! My name is Coline, I'm passionate about cinema and aspiring to be a screenwriter. Always on for a culture related trip with my friends, I also enjoy baking the finest desserts and Lip-sync contests are my favorite game.