We all have them. That’s something we can’t deny, specially when living in a city like this, having such changeable sky temperaments.

Some of them are ridiculously big, the kind that always knock down poor distracted devils on the streets. Some others have these strange shapes resembling dogs or some sort of animal, more like Pokemons, which you cannot really figure out, and make you wonder why on earth people buy, and even worst, actually use them unashamedly?
There are a few which look in quite a good state, probably recently bought by tourists, but most of them display the unmistakable sings of prolonged use under the weather inclemencies, a worn away canopy , a quite damaged stretcher which gets stuck in the most inconvenient moments, and of course, the unmissable broken ribs. (By the way, I am pretty sure you didn’t know any of the technical language, so there you go, a quick short lessons on technical lexicon)
The truth is that we don’t care much about them, they usually end up behind the door or inside an always wet bucket at home, and we only appreciate their most than useful service to society when it’s pouring down heavily.
Yes, I am talking about umbrellas.

What would our lives be like without them? Undeniably, we would be caught in pretty uncomfortable situations if ever found ourselves in lack of them. 

”That pink hair colour suits you well, specially now that it has faded down to your jacket, dying it too. The perfect match!”
Yeah, let’s admit it, in spite of your having dyed your hair pink or not, if we want to survive a rainy day out in the streets, we really need our umbrellas. Mary Poppins quite knew about it, though her uses of this incredibly valuable instrument were slightly different.

Which makes me recall this event in which my umbrella behaved not exactly like an umbrella at all. I was walking hurriedly on the streets trying to make my way to the bus stop among the mass of wet annoyed people, it was pouring down heavily, the wind blowing strongly in changing directions, whistling audibly. Without noticing, I started to hold the handle of my umbrella more firmly, as it was starting to get unmanageable due to the intense blows of the wind. The sight of everything ahead of me was blurred, so thick were the drops falling down. I finally caught a glimpse of the bus stop, this small fact delighted me, as I was desperate to get away from the rain soon. Suddenly, my umbrella began to pull in the contrary direction, forced to do so by the merciless wind, but actually seeming to have a will of its own to scape from my hold. 

Even though I tried to grab it tightly, it was pulling away so hard it escaped from my hand’s hold! 
It went away surfing the tempestuous skies, swirling higher and higher!
As for myself...well, it actually pulled me so hard that I ended up tripping over. Yeah, I did, no kidding. In some kind of domino effect, during my falling among the mass of people, I took with me many others, including a police officer, and a small child who immediately started to cry, and an old lady in a pink dress who swore more like a truck driver rather than a grannie.

Surely not exactly what you expect to happen in a normal rainy day in London .That day I came back home without an umbrella and with many bruises on my knees. 
Oh, by the way, if you happen to see a blue umbrella with white big spots stuck in a tree, or still swirling across the sky, it might actually be mine.


"Hi!  I am Florencia, a recently graduated Arts teacher, actress and eager reader and writer. Also, a great adventurer, day-dreamer and imaginer, who loves long walks and colourful sunset skies."