November, my favorite month of the year, the hush before Christmas, the warm cup of tea before the eggnog and the Pumpkin soup before the stuffed turkey.
You might think I'm crazy because autumn is my favorite season of the year, I know it's raining and cold all the time but don't forget it makes the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new coat, a new beanie and lots of pairs of warm socks.
And because, we're in London and there is always plenty of things to do, November is no exception to the rule, here is a few ideas on what to do this weekend.

Starting with the Bonfire Night, I know it originally started last week but if you missed it there still a few places in town where you can enjoy the fireworks. This Friday it's happening at the Coram's Fields in Camden, also at Bishop's Park in Hammersmith & Fulham and in Kingston upon Thames. On Saturday the festivities take place in Wandsworth at the Battersea Park, at the Byron Park in Harrow and also at « The Firth Grange Campsite » in Barnet.

If you want to assist one of London's most traditional event, the Lord Mayor's Show and Fireworks is happening this Saturday November 8 between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridge.

The Lord Mayor's show consists of a public parade made in honor of the new Lord Mayor of the city appointed every year. Between traditional British pageantry and carnival celebrations, the parade is enjoyable for the whole family. The Lord Mayor is not the same person as the Mayor of London, they don't have the same responsabilities at all, sorry to disapoint you but you're not gonna see Boris Johnson in a golden coach or riding a horse just yet. And if it's too cold for you to go outside and you prefer by far staying under your blanket with a warm meal, the BBC One is broadcasting the event live every year.

To finish the week on a good flavour let me give you my stepmother's delicious recipe for the best pumpkin soup you'll ever have.

Here are the ingredients you will need :
                    1 Pumpkin
                    100g of onions
                    100g of white leek flesh
                    50cl of chicken stock
                    50gr of butter
                    25cl of crème fraiche
                    Salt & Pepper

First, trim the Pumpkin, remove the seeds and extract the flesh.
Peel and mince the onions and the white leeks. In a large pan, sauté the leeks, the onions and the Pumpkin flesh in the butter for 5 mins, add the chicken stock and then let it cook for 25 mins.
You will next need to blend everything until it looks like a smooth cream, put it back on the cooker for 5 more minutes and finally add the salt and pepper. Serve and enjoy with some grilled bread and cheese, nobody can resist.


Hello ! My name is Coline, I'm passionate about cinema and aspiring to be a screenwriter. Always on for a culture related trip with my friends, I also enjoy baking the finest desserts and Lip-sync contests are my favorite game.