As I mentioned last week, I've just started a new job and that comes with it's own set of challenges. My office is situated on Shoreditch High St which means I'm surrounded by amazing food, I'm opposite the Boxpark and its variety of street-food delights, right next door to the tantalisingly forthright 'Dirty Burger' and merely a stones throw from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane. All of which I highly recommend, by the way. However I'm paying rent in Shoreditch and awaiting my first paycheck and so I've been trying to bring my own lunches as much as possible. 

My general formula for this begins with a grain – bulgur wheat, quinoa or spelt – cooked in stock with plenty of colour and protein to keep me entertained and full and at least give me a fighting chance when resisting the plentiful office snacks. I might throw in some turkey – although I don't mind cooking grains and veg a few days in advance I'll usually do turkey the night before – because it's higher in protein and flavour than chicken breast, cooked with garlic and paprika or remain vegetarian. Also appearing often in my lunchbox are kale because it's amazing for you and delicious, sweetcorn for protein and decoration, pomegranate seeds because they make me feel fancy and maybe I'll cook some carrot in the water along with the grains if I feel like it needs bulking out. Balsamic, sriracha, salt and pepper – I always err on the side of overseasoning – and then I microwave it at work because the eating of refrigerated temperature food appals me.

Essentially, this narrows down to a grain + protein + vegetables and making sure it looks appealing. It also works out super cheap, probably not as cheap as boring sandwiches but you'll feel an awful lot better afterwards and it'll keep you much more full.

A final tip before I go is that if you don't go straight from work to the gym, you'll probably never go, something I've learnt recently that has left me carting my gym things to work in a carrier bag awaiting a payday splurge on a gym bag.

I hope you enjoy this gratuitous pic of one of our gorgeous office dogs who brighten my days – shout out to Gizmo!


"Hiya, I'm Catherine, recent English Lit graduate newly situated in Shoreditch. I love street food, puppies, competitive cheerleading and pyjamas."