Let’s face it; it was only a matter of time before Cara Delevigne made an appearance on this blog, considering it is basically a list of the most stylish celebrities in the business. Make no mistake, if it’s contemporary British style you’re after, Cara is most definitely your girl. Representing the epitome of London street style on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Miss Delevigne is one of the most iconic models of this generation. Following in the coveted footsteps of British counterparts such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

As if her quintessential British beauty – not to mention having the most sought-after eyebrows in the world – wasn’t enough, Cara also possesses a unique charisma, which is not something ever previously associated with supermodels. This mainly focuses around the idea that it’s ok to behave like a bit of a ‘goofball’ and thanks to Cara, pulling funny faces and fooling around with your friends is now very much cool again.  And if by friends you mean Hollywood superstars and basically the world’s most beautiful people, then you can be rest assured this is another box that Cara has ticked in abundance:

You only have to spend a minute googling Cara to see that she’s the type of person everyone would want to have as they’re pal; the type of friend who’d always be ‘in the know’ and could get you into the coolest parties, wearing the most stylish understated outfits in the process. And aside from the potential fear of not being able to keep up with her wild partying, I defy anyone not to want to step into Cara’s world.

Get the Look

Despite what you might think, Cara’s style is actually the easiest celebrity so far to replicate. The absolute key to Cara’s seemingly ‘flung-together’ look is first of all to get in to the mindset that you “no longer care about the way you look, (compared to getting to the party on time to hang with your mates)” and secondly, to invest in key items such as a reliable t-shirt (step forward Les2Coquettes), a pair of chunky heeled boots, a sturdy jacket (leather or otherwise) and a bag that looks like it’s seem some very fun times.

This, understandably, might not be a shopping list that we can all go out and buy straight away (especially if you want to go all the way and invest in some Burberry, for whom Cara is a frequent spokesperson) but the beauty is that these items can be put together in countless variations. Also, if you chose to invest in reliable designers or high street brands these classic items will undoubtedly see you through years of different trends.


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