Stylish Celebrity of the Week: Kim Kardashian West

Well, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before Ms. Kardashian West made an appearance on this blog because, love her or hate her, there is no denying that the lady has one heck of a wardrobe. And what better time to feature her than in the aftermath of that magazine cover?

The only way you’d have missed the controversial front cover I speak of is if you were backpacking through the Amazon (maybe not even then if you found an internet connection), but just in case by some freak chance you did miss out on it, here’s a little reminder…

Some would describe it as art, some would describe it as obscene. Either way, nobody can deny that Kim Kardashian’s forte is getting herself noticed and we can only presume that she came closer than most celebrities ever will to actually “breaking the Internet”. I mean, there are actually no words are there? I haven’t even included the full frontal…

Anyway, time to return to the material point: fashion.  And here is a subject that Kim has thrown herself into wholeheartedly in recent years, especially with the help of her husband Kanye West and even her daughter North. Ever since the West’s got together in 2012, after many years of being friends and Kanye apparently admiring her from afar, Kim’s style has made a considerable high-fashion turn around, culminating in the most fashionable star-studded wedding in Florence earlier on this year.

I have to hand it to her; Kim’s wedding dress was absolutely stunning and bespokely made by the right honourable Riccardo Tisci (of Givenchy Couture). He even made a mini version for little North to wear – so adorable. And as if this wasn’t enough to embody Kanye’s dream of firmly placing his family on the fashion map, he also managed to secure them a place on the front cover of fashion’s Holy Grail: Vogue.

I have to admit, I didn’t ever expect to see this couple on the front cover of such a prestigious fashion publication, but nonetheless it really worked and if it was Anna Wintour’s plan to gain even more publicity and speculation for that particular issue, then her strategy certainly worked.

Get the Look

Of all the looks that have been covered so far, I would say this is most definitely the trickiest, what with Kim never leaving the house without a spectacularly expensive outfit and full hair and make-up glam. There is also the matter of Kim’s curves, which are an absolute freak of nature (and I most certainly mean that in a good way!).

Aside from Kim’s naturally gifted assets, it is very noticeable that she chooses mainly to dress in strategically planned two-piece outfits, which accentuate her best features. Therefore, if you are lucky to have curves already this is your time to shine with a tight-fitted vest top and pencil skirt. If you are more on the skinnier side then why not add a statement belt to give the illusion of a more curvy physique, which will be all the more underlined with a pair of statement heels.

If you are conscious of your body though, fear not, you could even emanate Kim’s style when she feels like having a more chilled out day by throwing on a cool t-shirt (Les 2 Coquettes perhaps?) with some jeans and then ramping it up a gear with a pair of killer heels.

There you go - something for everyone after all. Now to become best friend’s with Riccardo Tisci…


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