A strangely mild night, which became dark maybe too soon. Naughty wild laughs came from every corner in the streets but their origins remained a mystery in the shades.  Bushes and leaves would move disturbingly without apparent reason, and from time to time you would turn in surprise feeling somebody was getting closer to you. 

Ok, that’s not exactly the Halloween I experienced necessarily. It got dark sooner because we had changed to winter time. The laughs were not that many, they came from the perfectly visible children running excitedly up and down the streets. The not apparent but obvious reason for the leaves to move was the wind, and yeah, those greedy children are getting closer to get you and your sweets!

Undoubtedly, I felt almost the obligation of writing about Halloween. It was actually my inaugural night, for it was my first Trick or Treat night ever! So I thought it deserved a post. First of all, taking into account that every morning is a bit of a struggle to decide what to wear, I don’t see why I expected that choosing a costume for Halloween would be easier. It was certainly not. I turned into a pirate, a witch, a vampire, a pirate again, myself again, finally decided for witch. I was happy and satisfied with my decision, oh, but, of course I cannot go to work dressed as a witch, so I became myself again...till the night fell

Once Halloween had officially started, a bunch of friends and I started wondering the streets admiring the decorations and costumes. I must confess, we tried to get candies for the sake of it, but we weren’t received with as many smiles as the actual children. Hopefully, pretending a random child is your little brother in order to get something will not be considered a crime any near to kidnapping or something of the sot. Hopefully, actually meeting the real child’s big zombie-bro and ending up chatting flirtatiously with him won’t be considered a fault either!

While our wandering around the streets, breeding lovely caries on our teeth, a rather philosophical question, came to my mind: people always talk about the spirit of Christmas. It is supposedly a time for love and getting together, remember that what its really important is the fact that the ones we love are here with us. And the most important thing: they are here with us to give us all those wonderful presents without which Christmas would actually make no sense at all.
But what’s the spirit of a celebration like Halloween?  Not able to find a suitable answer afte fifteen minutes of deep reflexion, I turned to look at my friend and asked her half seriously half comically: What do you think is the spirit of Halloween? And she, without a hint of hesitation and in absolute conviction replied: why, chocolate of course!


"Hi!  I am Florencia, a recently graduated Arts teacher, actress and eager reader and writer. Also, a great adventurer, day-dreamer and imaginer, who loves long walks and colourful sunset skies."