With a week of advent calendar chocolates done, and a pleasant number of reasonably festive films making it onto
television on Sunday afternoons, Christmas is definitely getting closer.  I know last week’s song was Christmas related too, but I am really very full of festive cheer and need to share it before I explode.

Straight No Chaser?  Is that a band or some new gangster phrase that I don’t have enough street cred to understand?  I asked myself exactly the same question when I came across this group for the first time.  They’re pretty obscure, granted.  You may have come across their “12 Days of Christmas” medley on YouTube once upon of time, but you’re forgiven if you haven’t.  

Despite their rapper-style name, Straight No Chaser is in fact an American cappella group.  They’ve been around since the mid nineties, and in my opinion they’re not just for Christmas. I mean… how could they?  Just look at their adorable, cherubic, choir boy faces…
For the festive period however, they’ve joined forces with the ginger heroine of 2014, Princess Anna of Arendelle, a.k.a Kristen Bell, to roll out a modern Christmas hit, “Text Me Merry Christmas.”   

Now, I’m not for a moment suggesting this is going to be Christmas number one, nor am I saying it’s going to endure for many years like the likes of Mariah Carey, Wizzard or Slade.  I am however saying it’s a lovely little jingle to take you through the week.  

This song mocks the insecurity of many modern relationships and our society’s obsession on social networking and mobile phones.  Christmas isn’t really about snapchats, texts and twitter, and the lyrics of this song encapsulate perfectly how dependent we are on our smartphones, iPads and other gizmos over the holiday period.  I’m personally spending Christmas away from my man, and I’ll definitely be texting and calling him on Christmas, but hopefully with less of the shallow, silliness and soppiness of the characters in this cutely animated music video.

The tune itself reminds me very much of Sandie Shaw’s “Always Something There to Remind Me,” but the beautiful tones of Kristen Bell combine with sublime harmonies on behalf of Straight No Chaser to create what is a very pleasant three minutes of undemanding, ear pleasing, tummy tickling tunes.

Straight No Chaser are a group to follow, and Kristen Bell can only conceivably continue her rise through the stars off the back of “Frozen”.  Unfortunately I don’t think this song is going to be the tune to catapult Straight No Chaser to fame.  For 2014 however, it’s a lovely little tune for the snowy journey into work in the morning.


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