So, it was about time to get some more home-grown talent up on here and when it comes to modern, edgy, British style icons, there is no way that Ellie Goulding doesn’t make the cut. With her eclectic mix of boho-meets-punk-meets-sports luxe, Ellie’s style has evolved at the same rate as her incredibly successful music career and she has, without question, cemented herself as the younger generation’s ‘one to watch’.

With a relentless touring schedule that’s seen her grace pretty much every worthwhile festival and arena stage in the world this year (Coachella, Glastonbury, V Fest, you name it she’s played it), Ellie Goulding has established herself as quite the fashion chameleon with her stage outfits ranging all the way from floor length gowns to couture bikini tops. It is very obvious that Ellie’s having a blast when it comes to her fashion choices and even if the feedback she receives isn’t always positive it doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s definitely having a lot of fun not taking herself too seriously and who can argue that this isn’t a great message to be putting out there for young people, especially in the fashion world where experimentation is key.

Ellie is definitely not one to be underestimated on the red carpet either and she has proved on many occasions that she can pull it out the bag in a big way. This is, of course, helped by the fact that her musical success will have catapulted her into the paths of all the hottest designers around, but there is also one other very key fact that gives her an added edge… her boyfriend - the very beautiful and equally eclectic - Dougie Poynter.

So, if there was any doubt as to why Ellie Goulding’s popularity stretches far and wide across the globe then here is your evidence, but if for some reason you need further proof then how about her endless list of A-list pals…

Are we jealous of Ellie Goulding? Absolutely. Do we hold it against her? Of course not. Just keep doing what you’re doing Ellie and some more red carpet appearances with Dougie wouldn’t go amiss, thanks!

Get the Look

It would be fair to say that there is a certain amount of scope to work with in terms of emulating Ellie Goulding’s style. Therefore, the first step is to open your mind to the endless possibilities of outfit combinations that are sitting in your wardrobe.

For daytime dressing, trainers or chunky boots are a must, but what you choose to pair with them is down to you. A loud t-shirt with a black pair of shorts? Of course. A chilled shirt with some garish leggings? Absolutely. If it’s cold outside then you can even throw a bobble hat on top of it all - there really are no rules.

And when it comes to the evening, your choices open up even more: stylish tees, sparkling bralets, floor-length gowns… You can basically choose anything that makes you stand out paired with a block colour (if in doubt black is your ‘go-to’ rule). Just a word of advice though; you might want to check the dress code before you leave the house in your bra. There are some celebrity trends that can’t be copied in quite the same way…


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