My word, where do I even start when it comes to describing the ‘model of the moment’ Kendall Jenner? As if being part of the celebrity equivalent to the royal family wasn't enough (hello Kardashians!), she’s had to go and prove all the cynics wrong by knocking her modeling career out of the park - on an astronomical level I might add.

Kardashian fan or not (which, yes of course, I happen to be), there can be no fashion maven worth their salt who doesn't agree that Kendall is the one to watch for 2015 (with a capital 'O'!). And if you happen to be in any doubt about this, how about we take a look at her modelling repertoire so far...


With a wave of front covers yet to hit the shelves, it would appear we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Kendall. This will also more than likely be the case with the high fashion catwalks for AW15, especially seeing as Miss Jenner took the runways this year by absolute storm.

It would be easy to presume that Kendall’s success – particularly in 2014 - is all down to the very fortunate situation she was born into as a Kardashian (or Jenner to be more correct about it). Consequently meaning that the public’s perception of her is that she’s had every gifted opportunity handed to her on a silver platter. And yes, while I cannot deny that her family’s celebrity credentials might have helped her to get her foot in the door, when you take a closer look at Kendall’s life you can see that she has in fact been working very hard at becoming a model for many years. Furthermore, it becomes even clearer from reading interviews with her that she has very much felt the effects of the negative stigma of reality TV in the fashion industry. I can just picture the judgemental casting calls now… Not nice to put it mildly! Therefore, you have to tip your hat to her because, as much as her family very openly love and support her, she really has had to go out there on her own and prove herself to get to where she is now. 

So what is it exactly about Kendall Jenner that makes her the model to look out for in up and coming years? Her staggering beauty, perhaps? Well, yeah, obviously. How about the fact that she strongly encapsulates – along with her close pal Cara Delevigne and sister Kylie – the youth of today, embodying the perfect role model for her peers? Absolutely. And what about the fact that pretty much every A-List designer out there has found a way to adapt her to represent their brand? Balmain, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, DVF, Givenchy… This list will be 10 times longer next year, mark my words.

Get the Look

Whilst we would by no means advocate going to all lengths to obtain a model-like figure like Kendall’s – some people are just born with athletic genes (Olympian father alert) and we have to accept that – there are definitely many ways to emulate Kendall’s off-duty look.

In my opinion, the way to approach Kendall’s look is to mix the quintessential ‘California Girl’ stereotype with a Victoria Beckham-esque elegance. Sounds odd I know but think about it and it will make sense. Therefore, this is another time when the lines need to be kept clean. Layering is definitely to be approached with caution, albeit not unusual for Kendall to throw on a leather jacket or waistcoat over her outfit, just be very careful to keep it looking sleek. If you are lucky enough to be able to wear a crop top then that’s great but if not, no fear, just make sure you’ve formed a clean silhouette with your chosen clothing. Maybe even try looking at your shadow and if there aren’t any clothing-induced lumps and bumps then you’re good to go. 


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