''Cause every inch of you is perfect From the bottom to the top '' This is what Meghan Trainor sang. 
She is right, and we know it, but maybe it's easier think about what we don't like about ourself. 
And I'm the queen, the expert in this field.
I challenge you to discover a lady who would like to change one thing, isn't envious of one individual and who isn't totally and absolutely assimilated with settling no less than one thing about herself.
What you neglect to acknowledge is that the lady whose life you are aching for, she is just one more lady who is yearning for something else.
We succumb to the "mean girl disorder." We should own it, sisters: we are extremely focused with each other! 

We can discover that the ladies we are desirous of, they are ladies with their imperfections. Since while she may have something we would murder for, we additionally have something that another person would execute for.

Boyfriend: Ok, she has a boyfriend but we don't know what sort of relationship it truly is. She may be settling, she may be experiencing his messages in light of the fact that he tends to text her mates or possibly she's frantically enamored him and he's going to make her extremely upset when somebody better goes along. 
Maybe he cheats on her, maybe she cheats on him.

Body: I'm not gonna lie, this is what I really really crave for. Small hips, great boobs, long legs, perfect bum. 
And I could cry everytime some of these girls say they don't even go to the gym (obviously there is a circle in hell for them).
But maybe they've been on an eating regimen for a long time, maybe since ever, and now they don't remember the taste of a cake, or bread&Nutella. What a pity.

Carreer: She is professional, she wears tailleur, she's popular.
We ought to never be envious of a lady with a finer vocation, we ought to be enlivened by her. Utilize her status, her position, all that she has that we need as an issue persuasion for our deliberations. Work until she is no more our godlike object, yet our equivalent.

Everything: She has brain, great body, a carreer, and pretty much the best identity... so we call her a bit*h. 
She's got an extraordinary sweetheart and a closet that puts ours  arranged Primark outfit to disgrace.

We are not her and we never will be. 
We are ourself, with our (im)perfections and ours imperfections, and to another person, we are the ideal ladies. To the young lady you never recognized previously, you are the lady who has everything. We are all longing for somebody, something else, wishing we had an alternate life; we never understand that perhaps to another person, we're that young lady with the ideal, easy outfit she wishes she could be. We may not plainly follow up on desire, yet it in all likelihood exists inside us in any case. 
''She's gonna take my man. She's gonna be more prominent than me. She's gonna... she's gonna... she's gonna... The root fear underneath. In the event that she gets him/her/it/that, then there's insufficient for me. I'll get left behind, lost from the pack. I basically won't survive.'' This is what happens in our brain.

It's simply. It's a part of being a girl.


"Hi! I'm Veruska, an Italian graduate lost in London. I'm absolutely moody, lazy, jealous, pessimistic and shy. Passionate about something different everyday. Teenager inside, but not on ID card anymore."