Oh Alexa Chung, let us count the ways in which we love and adore you. If ever there was a leader of the young Brit-Pack fashion crowd, then it is Alexa with her stunning emerald eyes, beautiful gamine disposition, and ever-evolving style.  Here is a girl that absolutely laughs in the face of fashion danger, never afraid to mix things up a bit, and I can honestly say I have never seen her falter.

Having been described by none other than US Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour as a ‘phenomenon’, it really isn’t difficult to see why the world has fallen in love with Alexa Chung, since she first entered the scene as a model at the tender age of sixteen. Although most of us wouldn’t have been aware of her at this stage, Alexa was slowly but surely weaving her magic on the fashion and media world, and soon enough she was being offered high profile TV presenter jobs with Channel 4, BBC3, ITV and MTV – to name but a few. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you twenty-somethings about the lovably irreverent Popworld on T4 on Sunday mornings – this was just the beginning…

Now aged 31 (although you’d never know from looking at her youthful half Chinese, half English looks), Alexa is very much considered a fashion VIP, taking to the front row of every major catwalk show and gracing every fashion-related red carpet. Mulberry have even taken the Chung magic and turned it into the world-renowned satchel bag known to all of us as the ‘Alexa’. Furthermore, due to her unique ability to make products fly off the shelf, Alexa’s list of brand endorsements and designer partnerships reaches sky-high including the likes of Longchamp, J Crew, Nails Inc, Eyeko and most recently a denim range for AG. Not to mention a best-selling book called It, depicting the various inspirations responsible for her coveted style.

Get the Look

Although she is the unrivalled queen of androgyny on the streets of London and New York, Alexa Chung’s style takes on a life of its own when summer hits and there is not a festival best-dressed list worth it’s salt that she doesn’t feature on.

Taking this into consideration, when copying Alexa’s look you must always remember that blacks, whites and creams tend to act as the backbone to any of her outfits (even if it is just the slightest hint in a pair of shoes, sandals or sunglasses), along with the fact that the lines of her styling couldn’t get much cleaner. Therefore, you should always think clean cut, even when sporting a checked shirt or leather jacket. If you remember this rule, the possibilities are endless. You can even breath life into the look with the added touches of denim, leopard print, spots, stripes and floral.

And if you need some inspiration, don’t worry I’ve got you covered…



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