I cannot express how much I’ve loved revisiting the style of one of my all-time favourite celebrities: The ultimate bohemian goddess Sienna Miller. In my eyes, Sienna can do no wrong and her eclectic, globally recognised, boho style absolutely speaks for itself. Therefore, I am going to try and keep my wording to a minimum and basically fill this blog with as many pictures as I possibly can. So, after much deliberation here are just a few of my personal favourite looks spanning over the past decade:

If there has ever been a particular trend that you’ve loved over the past ten years, then there is every chance that Sienna Miller has had something to do with it. Some of her particularly notable fashion achievements include faux fur jackets and gilets (worn over pretty much anything), large studded belts paired with maxi/mini skirts, droopy boho hats, gladiator sandals (again, worn with anything) and my particular favourite the legendary ankle boot.

After spending the past few years focussing on her family – made up of fellow actor partner Tom Sturridge and their beautiful little girl Marlowe (as seen in above left picture), Sienna is well and truly back on the celeb scene, most recently seen co-hosting the 2015 Golden Globe Awards in LA. And I can’t frankly can’t wait to see what she’s going to come up with next because, with an upcoming film co-starring Bradley Cooper in the pipeline, there are bound to be some more spectacular fashion moments to come.

Get the Look

As you can probably already see, Sienna Miller’s style is just about as chameleon as you can possibly get, seeing her adapt impeccably to every single situation she finds herself in. There really isn’t any one way I can tell you how to emulate this because the trick is very much to be bold and make your own independent choices, being very careful to carry it off with a smile, absolutely oozing confidence (without coming across cocky – so not Sienna’s style).

That is not to say that any kind of faux fur (never real – we’re living in the twenty-first century now, there’s no excuse!) ankle boots or gladiator heels wouldn’t go amiss if you want to follow more exactly but if you look at each individual picture of Sienna, she is rarely seen using any one exact item to pull off her look but more of a ‘thrown together’ mix. So go out there and be brave with your choices – and of course layering – and if it doesn’t work there is always next time. Sienna would never let the worry hold her back and that is why we love her so very dearly.

Long live the fashion queen!


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