I’ve always been a fan of ringing in the new year with some good news and in light of Keira Knightley’s recent announcement, that her and husband James Righton (of the The Klaxons fame) are expecting their first child, I thought: who better to start the style blog with for 2015?

The happy couple were ever so stylishly married last year in a civil ceremony in the South of France, where Keira wore a vintage Chanel dress that made the world’s female population gasp with envy. But apparently this wasn’t the first time she’d worn the dress because – in her own words – ‘every time I’ve worn that dress, I’ve had a fantastic night, and if you’ve got a dress where you’ve always had a fantastic night, it’s worth having another fantastic night in it.’ And you know what, she has a point. This may well be a sentiment that other brides should take up in order to get their money’s worth, who knows? The only sad part is that she later went on to explain that this liberal attitude consequently meant she ended up spilling red wine on it… All part of the fun, as I’m sure Keira would say. Whereas I think I’d be right in saying that red wine being spilt on a vintage Chanel dress might result in an emotional breakdown for the rest of us!

It would seem that 2014 was quite the year for Keira Knightley, not least because she starred in four blockbuster hits including Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Begin Again (alongside the gorgeous Adam Levine), Laggies (a critically acclaimed American Indie flick) and last but by no means least The Imitation Game, alongside the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch (swoon) who also happens to be one of her very good friends. It’s safe to say that when it comes to luck in the male co-stars department Keira is significantly blessed. However, this isn’t actually the main thing that has stood out about her this year…

In her media presence, it is very clear that Keira is displaying a happier demeanour, which of course would have a lot to do with finding a great husband and beginning a family. But, it evidently has a lot to do with finally being comfortable in herself, after having to withstand so many years of negativity and dissaproval being thrown at her, which rather shockingly seems mainly down to her stunning looks.

From reading a range of different interviews and articles, it is obvious that Keira has learnt to ignore the negativity that is so freely – and very wrongly – visible in the media in this day and age. I’m sure she isn’t the first and will definitely not be the last beautiful female celebrity to experience ‘women-hating’ but in my opinion the fact that she is talking so openly about the negativity she’s experienced towards her looks is no bad thing. Firstly, it is good for people (especially girls) to see that beauty doesn’t necessarily bring you happiness or make life easier. And secondly - and perhaps even more importantly - it is good for all of us to take a look at ourselves and make sure that we’re not putting this negativity out there without realising. Especially since we are living in a time where it is incredibly important for women and girls to stick together.

I seem to have steered things slightly off the topic of fashion there, for which I am very sorry, but as you can probably tell I really am a huge fan of Keira’s new-found carefree attitude and I think more people could stand to read what she’s got to say, without judgement.

Get the Look

Despite regular flawless appearances on the red carpet, Keira is a self-confessed ‘comfort dresser’ in her spare time, much more favouring jeans, dungarees or a floaty summer dress to the couture gowns she so often appears in. Of course, the couture dresses are no bad thing in anyone’s book, but as fashion followers trying to emulate Keira’s laidback street style, I am happy to say it’s a lot easier to achieve than having Karl Lagerfeld round to dress you for every occasion!

Simplicity really is key with Keira Knightley’s look and I would even go as far as to say she much prefers to be understated rather than overtly glamorous. Therefore, the trick with Keira’s style is to stick to the ‘five item rule’. For instance, a simple summer dress, gladiator sandals, statement shades all bought together with a thinly-strapped stylish bag. This particular suggestion leaves you the freedom to add one more – perhaps a handsome boyfriend or husband – if you so desire, but more often than not you’ll be so concerned with running out the door to hang out with your friends you just won’t need to.  


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