This week, as I haven't been in a long time and I'm starting to miss it a bit, I went to the cinema. My local Odeon is obviously not my favorite cinema venue in London, but it is near home and I don't have to take any transports to get there, which is kind of great.
Lots of movies screening but I choosed to go for Stephen Hawking's very expected biopic, 
"The theory of everything". With all the good critics out there I was expecting something great, and I must admit that I've been served. "The theory of everything" is not a movie about science or math theory but a truly touching story of love and illness as one. How a man never quit on his dream and ambition and how his wife and family managed with the sickness. The cast is brilliant, first with the amazing performance of Britain next superstar (and hopefully BAFTA winner) Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking and the beautiful Felicity Jones portraying his wife already starring in one of my favorite movie "Like crazy" (a must watch by the way). So if you, like me, love to be moved by a movie and always appreciate a nice time at the cinema, then this week go see "The theory of everything". 

But .. because I always go out there in the streets of London, discovering and trying new places to have an unusual tea time with my friends, this week I also been in Crumbs & Doilies new cupcake shop in Soho. Located in the middle of the nice street of Kingly court, this cute little  blue shop makes you want to stop right away to have a not very healthy but delicious cupcake break. Serving homemade Cupcakes and cakes, Crumbs & Doilies already have a few shop around London. I'm honestly usually not a big fan of Cupcakes, but the Lavender & Caramel one I took was delicious, the icing is really soft and tasty as well as the sponge underneath, it doesn't feel fat at all. I brought a Chocolate & Raspberry one to my German "cupcakes specialist" housemate, she eated it really fast, wich only mean one thing, she loved it !
I'll definitely will go back there to have my tea and a bigger piece of cake, because I think we all deserve a nice treat at least once a week.

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