Did you ever wonder what it was like to have a fancy dinner in the dark ? Well I can tell you, it's weird, a little bit frustrating but very exciting.
It all started by a rainy afternoon, one of my housemate and I decided to eat popcorn and watch a romantic movie, we know, it's cliché but we love it. Directed by the brilliant film-maker Richard Curtis (who also directed « Love Actually » and « The boat that rocked »), we choosed to watch « About time », a romantic comedy starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams taking place in London. The two main characters of the movie are actually meeting on a blind date in « Dans le noir ? » an East-London restaurant, where you take your dinner in the complete darkness. You can guess what happened next, we booked for the next day.I must admit, we lost ourselves a bit before finding the place but it was completely our fault because the restaurant is located literally 2 mins walk from Farringdon train station, don't ask, we're just very bad at orientation. 
We've been welcomed by a lovely french hostess right after we entered (late), she explained to us how things were going to happen during the evening. We first had to put all of our belongings in a locker and then tried to make a choice between all the very intriguing menu all inspired by French cuisine. The restaurant is offering a few different possibilities of menu depending on your taste but without giving you any tips on what exactly is going to be on your plate, and that's when the game started. 
Waiting for our waiter to come and get us in the dining room we started to feel a bit nervous but mostly excited. Trevor finally came and I instinctively trusted him, I put my hand on his shoulder, my friend on mine and here we were walking really, really slowly into a room full of people having dinner, we couldn't see them and we were only focused on Trevor's voice. We sat and he explained us everything in details, I was honestly laughing a lot because of the unusual situation I was in, completely blind trying to put the straw of my cocktail in my mouth, wich took me way more time to do than I thought. 
The funny thing was that we couldn't ear or see our waiter coming to us but his nice Tom Jones kind of voice and sense of humour made us feel comfortable the all dinner. When the sense of sight is gone your other senses are supposed to be intensified, but to be honest, I didn't guessed a single thing on my plate and had trouble putting food in my fourch, so yes I went with my fingers when the dessert came to make sure I eated everything. At the end of the dinner, Trevor took us out of the dining room where a little game was waiting for us. My friend had a picture of what my meal was like with the description and I had to guess, she, not surprisingly, won.
We both enjoyed a lot our time at «Dans le noir ?», the staff was really nice and made us feel comfortable through the all evening. I'll definitely advice the place to anyone looking for both good food and unusual experience, and why not for a blind date ? 

Note : we read on the internet that a few people already fall asleep in the restaurant and now that I've been there I can say I understand that a bit more. I felt really tired especially after eating all that good food and the dark didn't help on keeping me 100% awake. 
Diners are served by either blind or visually impaired wait-staff and a percentage of the profits of the restaurant fund research on visual disabilities. 
30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU 


“Hello ! My name is Coline, I'm passionate about cinema and aspiring to be a screenwriter. Always on for a culture related trip with my friends, I also enjoy baking the finest desserts and Lip-sync contests are my favorite game.”