After a week off due to intensive work at the chocolate shop and the Christmas holidays I'm finally back! and I hope you all had a good one by the way and I wish you lots of hapiness, love and good food for 2015!
So, this year as her Christmas present I decided to took my Hungarian housemate to one of my favorite place in London, "La Pâtisserie des rêves" in South Kensington. Being not familiar at all with french pâtisseries I tought I'd took her to Philippe Conticini paradise to have a taste of the finest french specialities and enjoy some quality time in a quiet atmosphere. Philippe Conticini is a very famous french chef, after France and Japan he now openned two pâtisseries in London, the other one is located in Marylebone, you can easily spot his brand by the pink present everywhere in the shop and the nice triangle packaging they put your treats in.We took a seat and choosed to go for the "Café gourmand", a little selection of the pâtisserie best specialities. After that we decided to took a full piece of the one we preferred, for my friend it was the "Paris-Brest" (it's honestly the best I've ever had) and for me the famous "Mille-feuilles". 
I know need to get seriously back to the gym, but it was worth it, the quality of the products are irreproachable, the service is very good and well for the prices they are obviously in accordance with the quality. You can also find a the pâtisserie a few other french specialities such as candied chestnut, calissons or even delicious jams.

My friend loved her praline cream and chocolate in a chou pastry and I even more enjoyed my Vanilla suprême, we were both greedy that day but one thing is for sure, once in your life you need to have a tasty dream at "La pâtisserie des rêves".
If you want to know more about it and even try to bake Philippe Conticini best recipes at home check his website www.conticini.co.uk for more infos on his pâtisseries and the many books he released in the past few years. 

"La Patisserie des reves"
43 Marylebone High St
London W1U 5HE

13 Exhibition Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2HE



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