Don't be scared, let me explain ..

This week my dear friend Océane took me for a tea time in a secret place, I only knew one thing, it was going to be unusual, and let me tell you, it definitely was!
We stopped at what looked like the entrance of a public toilets, written on the sign above the stairs, The "Attendant". This tiny little place hidden under Foley street was previously a public toilets turned into a cute little coffee shop serving one of the best latte I had in London. The owner kept the initial wall and "decoration", it is, indeed, possible to have your coffee in what usually was an urinal. 

Don't be affraid, the place is of course clean and really nice, friendly staff and good music made our time there very comfortable and we completely forgot about what used to be the particular corner we were sitting in. The food and drinks are mainly made out of organic products, so that's an other good thing. On your way out, you also have the possibility of writing a little word on a white wall, for those of us who might miss writing on the high school toilets doors. 

I honestly think I walk past that place a few time and didn't even realize what was going on over there, but I'm glad that, this time I stopped, definitely putting it in my London's most unusual places list. 

More info : http://www.the-attendant.com/ 

« The Attendant »
27A Foley Street
London W1W 6DY


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