If ever there was a celebrity to be properly jealous of – in terms of style and generally cool-looking lifestyle – it is Daisy Lowe. Aside from being absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful, her life appears constantly filled with fun times and good friends, always seeing her take centre stage on the red carpet at every VIP event in London.

So who is this elusive brunette beauty, I hear you ask? Well, having been spotted by a model scout in Camden at the tender age 15, Daisy’s modeling career appears completely unrivalled, having worked with the biggest names in the business all the way from Chanel to Burberry to Agent Provocateur to Vivienne Westwood…  I’m not even closing to being finished with that list, but you get the picture. Basically, this girl’s modeling credentials are huge. It’s not hard to see why either. There is something incredibly mesmerising about her edgy, somewhat-gothic look, along with her piercing eyes and a body to die for. See what I mean about the jealousy here? I just can’t help it.

Then there’s also the fact that her mum is Pearl Lowe (80s rock-chick/singer/songwriter/fashion designer) who pretty much summed up the epitome of edgy rebellion – much in the style that Daisy emulates now. Her father also happens to be Gavin Rossdale - of the 90s band Bush fame - who also happens to be married to the queen of cool herself, Gwen Stefani. The fact that Gavin was Daisy’s father, rather controversially, wasn’t discovered until Daisy was 16, but that is the nature of the rock and roll lifestyle, I suppose!

As you can probably see from the pictures above (clockwise from top left: Daisy with Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne, Florence Welch and Nick Grimshaw), Daisy’s list of celebrity friends is pretty substantial. And I’m pretty sure the reason for this is that she’s known as one of the coolest, nicest, down-to-earth people in the industry. Yep, it would seem that Daisy really does have the whole package. And do we hate her for it? Absolutely not.

Get the Look

When it comes to Daisy Lowe’s style, it is safe to say that her fashion choices are completely unpredictable, stretching far and wide to all corners of the style spectrum. Therefore, if you’re thinking about trying to copy it, the advice is simple: choose the outfit in your wardrobe that you feel most confident in and set the style rules yourself. This is certainly what Daisy does best and I, for one, am always blown away by the way she radiates confidence. I’m sure this is also thanks to her huge smile and the trademark bold red/nude lip, so I trip to Boots also wouldn’t hurt if you want to go that extra mile.



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