You may have noticed that the past few weeks have seen me celebrating all things British with celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung gracing the pages of the blog. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to add a person who happens to be BFFs with all of the above and whose style embodies a significant ode to summer at all times, regardless of her being one of the most influential London socialite models of the moment. Oh yes, I can very much count Poppy Delevingne’s Seventies boho look as personal style guide and its significant California vibes could definitely inspire us all to look forward to holiday season. Poppy doesn’t let the cold weather get her down and neither should we.

Unless you’ve been avoiding the fashion tabloids like the plague, you can’t have failed to notice the Delevingne name, especially due to the fact that Poppy’s younger sister Cara has taken the world by storm in recent years. But just because you might have seen Cara’s face more regularly, this is by no means a negative reflection on Poppy’s fashion influence, which also stretches far and wide. And, rather impressively, has seen her take on campaigns with Burberry, Anya Hindmarch, Julien Macdonald and Louis Vuitton, not to mention the fact that she is a brand ambassador for Chanel. Not too shabby, eh?

The past year has seen Poppy’s career and fame go from strength to strength and this was very much reinforced by her absolutely to-die-for wedding in May 2014 – or should I say weddings - to long term love James Cook which included a beautifully elegant London ceremony to start, followed by the most jaw-dropping, vibrant, colourful ceremony in Marrakech that you could ever imagine. If you don’t believe me here’s the proof:

As far as wedding dresses go, I can quite honestly say that Poppy’s Marrakech gown, designed by Peter Dundas of Emilio Pucci is the most beautiful wedding dress I have EVER seen. The colour, the detail, the layers… There is no scale to count how much I love it. Also having your nuptials officiated in a white couture Chanel Gown really, in my book, means you’re not doing too badly. Poppy, I officially want your life, or your clothes anyway!

Get the Look

It is absolutely no coincidence that Poppy Delevingne’s style bares a strong resemblance to that of Sienna Miller; the two of them lived together for two years in New York in their earlier careers and this certainly shows in the development of both of their bohemian styles. However, dare I say it, Poppy’s look incorporates a slightly more elegant touch, most likely down to her long limbs and super model genes. And even though we are not all genetically blessed and born into London’s social elite, there are certain things we can be doing to inject a bit of Delevingne into our lives.

Firstly, you must take on board that patterns, texture and colour are your new best friends. Floral, monochrome, tribal, sequin, embroidery, feathers, fringing… One of the things I love most about Poppy is her unpredictable fashion choices, whereby she discriminates against nothing and seems like she’ll try anything once. Therefore, it might help to dedicate some time to routing through vintage/charity shops for that one unique item – perhaps ‘loud’ in colour or texture – that will shape your outfit. Once you’ve found this, you can breathe life into it in a variety of different ways, particularly using denim, metallic and splashes of white to give it that added extra impact.

You’ll be festival ready before you know it. Now bring on the summer!


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