I don’t think I’ve ever had so much of a problem choosing pictures for my blog before. And it is no surprise really, considering that the spotlight this week shines on the living fashion legend that is Kate Moss. With our trail of British talent taking precedent in recent weeks, what better way to top it all off than with the queen of style and outfit inspiration herself, whose worldwide recognition scales back all the way over the past twenty years.

Icon is pretty much an understatement when describing Kate Moss. From the minute she first entered the modeling scene at the incredibly young age of 14 in 1988, her influence on fashion across the entire world was absolutely unprecedented. Of course, there was the undeniable delicate, natural beauty – first scouted by Storm Models at JFK airport in New York – but who knew that one woman could single-handedly epitomise everything that it takes to be a British style maven in one complete package? Summing up every aspect of nineties rebellious fashion, combined with an irrefutable sex appeal that still fascinates not only men but women wanting to emulate it, Storm Models must have known straight away that they were on to a winner. And how right they were…

Possessing the unique ability to make clothes fly off the shelves of any brand she associates herself with, Kate’s impact on the 90s and 00s was something that had never been seen before and still holds strong to this day. It would be pointless for me to sit here and list the influential designers that Kate has worked with, ranging all the way from the very top of high-end through to the key players on the high street, quite simply because there are too many. Anyone that knows even a little about the fashion industry knows that Kate is still considered the ‘go-to’ model of our time, and a guaranteed sales booster. It is therefore no surprise that she also has an endless list of joint designer projects under her belt including two best-selling ranges that she designed for Topshop, basing the inspiration on her own wardrobe.

Of course it is no secret that Kate has had her fair share of controversies over the years, ranging all the way from drug scandals to highly publicised volatile romances with Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty. However, her resolute staying power and ability to bounce back and still be as powerful as ever in her industry is worth noting. Not that we, in any way, advocate this kind of behaviour - it is pretty much a dead cert that Kate is the only person in the entire world who could come out the other side unscathed. But that is what a rebel does, I suppose, whilst the rest of us sit back and observe the immeasurable plethora of stylish outfits she works whilst she’s at it.

Get the Look

Depending on where you find yourself in your life at the moment, there is pretty much a style of Kate Moss for all of us. Be it the ‘heroin chic’ phenomena of the 90s or the smouldering ‘blonde Bardot bombshell’ look of more recent times.

There is no denying that the 90s are very much back in the fashion mainstream with crop tops, chokers and spaghetti straps all highly prominent on the high street. Therefore, if this is the side of Kate that you are wishing to replicate than I suggest you mark off a day in your diary to hit the high street stores. Pretty much everything you’ll find there right now can be linked to our dear Kate in some way, shape or form.

If it is more of a mature Kate look you’re going for, then high heels will form the backbone of any outfit you decide to put together. Furthermore, you would be very wise to match your choice of heel to your belt and handbag because, although Kate’s street style may appear ‘flung together’ it is actually highly strategic. You don’t get to where she is in the fashion hierarchy of the world by accident, if you see what I mean?

Of course, these few tips are literally a drop in the ocean when looking into the breadth of Kate Moss’s style but if you keep in mind that there is an aspect of her looks over the years that can stretch to all of us in one way or another, then the ideas and inspirations will begin to flow.

Kate Moss, all we can say is, THANK YOU.


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