During my holiday back to Italy, I spent more than one afternoon with my grandmother. Obviously in front of the tv. She is now obsessed with a tv program and, I have to say, I am too.
It's a tipical feman show after lunch, after Beautiful or other soap opera: they talk about make up, food, diet, hair stayling, bricolage, etc etc.
Today I want to share with you some little tips that I learned, exactly about the last one: bricolage. I I took note about what I liked and Google helped me to find more tips with pictures to be clear.
We don't need a man to do this stuff, they are simple but effective (Am I talking about men or stuff??)
Here we go!

Attach a magnetic strip on the wall of your bathroom so you will not miss your hairpins.

Attach the old corks in a wooden base to leave your memories and get rid of all those old caps.

Organizers of cutlery, can become jewel case.

Wear boots with jeans has never been easier: wear long socks before!

Paint your keys with nail polish to identify them.

Use a magnetic board to preserve your tools make up.

I love you too ladies. You are welcome.



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