This time of the year is a very exciting one, not only for me but for all cinema lovers and for one reason, it's the awards season.
Golden Globes, Academy awards, BAFTAS .. all around the world, the cinema industry is celebrating the best movies of the year. 
No excuses, go watch some of the most nominated movies who are still in cinema, «The theory of everything», «Birdman», «American sniper» or «Boyhood», trust me you won't be disapointed.
And If you're too bored with your local cinema and want to try one of London's most unusual places to relax and watch a movie, here are a few ideas.

«The Electric cinema» on Portobello road, for the six luxurious double beds with cashmere blankets instead of the normal front row seats, perfect for a date.

«The Pillow cinema» in Shoreditch, everything is in the name, you can't be less cosy watching a movie than sitting on a huge comfy pillow in an old tube station. 

«The Prince Charles» in Leicester square is the only cinema where you don't have to be quiet because it's all about the audience participation.
«The Lexi cinema» in Kensal Rise because all of their profits is going to a charity and it's only volunteers staff and that's enough reason for me.


“Hello ! My name is Coline, I'm passionate about cinema and aspiring to be a screenwriter. Always on for a culture related trip with my friends, I also enjoy baking the finest desserts and Lip-sync contests are my favorite game.”