As the sun is starting to show his face again this past few days, I decided to take some fresh air outside the busy streets of London, more precisely at the Royal botanic garden in Kew Garden.I've always heard a lot about the two magnificient glass houses you can visit there, the Temperate house and the Palm house, and the exotic plants and flowers from around the world they shelter.The Garden hide a Japanese area and if you're brave enough to walk through the other side of the park you can also visit Queen Charlotte's Cottage. 

During our afternoon there we walked between the trees on the Kew tree top walkway, we've been chased by two ducks and a beautiful peacock, we admired the orchids and the magnolia trees and daffodils. The park has a few coffee shop around to enjoy a tea freshly made from the different plants and flowers you can found there.
The Royal Botanic Garden has a shop that you can found near the entrance, selling flowers, seeds, gardening tools, tea, chocolate and yes, I bought some handmade vanilla fudge, couldn't help myself.

It is definitely the right place to enjoy a nice walk in a quiet and most beautiful place away from the agitation of central London.
 More info : www.kew.org
Royal Botanic Gardens

« Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB »



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