Has there ever been a more exciting time than when spring finally hits and you can finally begin planning for festival season? And has there ever been a more suitable role model for festival fashion to look to than Kate Bosworth? I think not.

I have to admit I am slightly biased here because I am one of Kate’s hugest fans, dating all the way back to her Blue Crush days in 2002, where she epitomised everything I was aiming towards in my life by taking on the character of rebellious surf chick Anne-Marie Chadwick. I know I’ve certainly never looked back since and from the word go, I just knew she was destined to be a star. But one thing I could never have predicted was her astronomical power in the fashion world, influencing the wardrobes of girls across the world on a daily basis. Especially now in the lead up to world-renowned festivals such as Coachella, Kate’s outstanding track record of outfits can barely be matched.

Marrying the very handsome film director Michael Polish in 2013 certainly hasn’t done her reputation any harm either, especially as this makes her one half of one of the world’s best looking couples. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourselves…

In the day-to-day street style department, Kate absolutely has it nailed. But if you needed any more evidence of the depth of her style then fear not, we have proof that she is very much able to nail a red carpet too:

Yeah right, as if that needed proving! It’s ok though it gave me a fantastic opportunity to look over Kate’s back-catalogue of outfits, which - trust me - is very much worth it if you ever get the chance.

Get the Look

Looking closer at Kate Bosworth’s street style still wows me every time. One of the main reasons for this is her unbelievable poise and comfort within her own body. This is not something that I’d consider arrogance in any way, it is purely contentment and not feeling the need to shout about it from the rooftops – the outfits speak for themselves.  This is also, sadly, something which cannot be easily copied and I’ve got to point out - without getting too philosophical here - it is really something you have to learn in your fashion outlook. Therefore, a great way to start is to find the outfit that you love most in the world and one that you can truly say you like the look of yourself in. Then go one step further an match it with the most stylish pair of boots, sandals and/or shades that you have at your disposal. The great thing about Kate’s style is that so many outfits transcend perfectly from day to night so there really isn’t too much pressure about what you chose provided that you carry it off with confidence and a whole lot of understated class.

Just to add to the above, I think we can all agree that Kate’s festival credentials deserve a mention. Especially since high street giants like Topshop have actually seen fit in the past to give her the opportunity to design her own Coachella-inspired line. Therefore, if you’re going to give it a go I strongly suggest opting for an American-inspired vibe, be that the flag itself (as seen above) or even hints of the south west with cowboy-style boots and shirts. Kate is massively patriotic in her fashion choices so it could even be that you want to reflect this in your own British way for festivals such as Glastonbury and Bestival this year. And that of course is amazing too. 

We can’t wait to see the pictures!


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