In light of last week’s feature on Kate Bosworth – the festival fashion queen – it seemed appropriate to follow up with fashionista Diane Kruger, whose style influence holds an equal amount of gravitas, both in the fields of Coachella and on many a red carpet across the world.

Alongside her noteworthy modeling and acting career, German-born Diane is a regular at every high profile event on the style calendar, always displaying the fashion world’s most up-to-the-minute outfits without fail. To add to this, Diane’s fans will be very well-acquainted with the fact that she has been in a relationship with 00s teen heartthrob Joshua Jackson (of Dawson’s Creek fame) for nearly ten years, who I still consider one of the most charming, handsome men in Hollywood. There is no question about it, Diane is a very lucky lady and hers and Jackson’s credentials combined make for one of the most stylish – not to mention enviable – combinations on earth. And the fact that they look like they’re falling more and more in love every day makes the jealousy aspect even harder to cope with.

Get the Look

Summing up Diane Kruger’s look is no easy task, especially since her fashion choices have so much breadth. But one thing that can always be counted on with Diane, whether she is posing pristinely on the red carpet or walking hand in hand with Joshua through the crowds of Coachella, is that she carries herself with poise and class at all times. She also manages to appear completely unassuming, just quietly exuding confidence. Well, you would be wouldn’t you?

If you’re hoping to emulate Diane, then the best place to start is to make sure your hair is set to perfection, make-up on point and all accessories matching. This really is something she puts a great deal of thought in to. Then once you’ve chosen your outfit, which can really vary, you just have to make sure you maintain your supermodel stance at all times (picture your head and spine being held up as tall as possible by a piece of string like a puppet and you’re pretty much there).

If you feel like finding a Joshua Jackson type to add a bit of an eye candy element to your look then hats off to you. And if you want to make friends with some world-famous fashion designers who’ll want to send you all of their newest creations then all the better!


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