We overanalyze things. Particularly in social circumstances. What's more much all the more so regarding dating and men. 
On the other hand, a considerable measure of this fixating is truly pointless. What am I talking about? 

Taking Time for Himself 
We all need a bit personal time sometimes. Men are the same. 
I guarantee you that only on the grounds that he's taking a little time to do his own thing or invest eventually with his companions occasionally, that he isn't pulling ceaselessly inwardly, he isn't considering dumping you, and he isn't engaging in extramarital relations. 

Being Overweight 
We are famous for fixating on their weight. 
Indeed, most men likely would prefer not to date any individual who is seriously overweight and unmistakably not beneficial. Be that as it may, most men likely won't gripe in case you're ten or twenty pound heavier than you might suspect you should be. 
Particularly in case they're in an a relationship with us. 

Whether You Ask Him Out 
I know this is a big manage a considerable measure of ladies. We're reluctant to ask a gentleman out. Truth be told, numerous girls accept that its the man's business to ask out a lady. 
Furthermore beyond any doubt, more often than not things work that way. In any case, on the off chance that he simply isn't recognizing you, there's literally nothing off with asking him out. The world won't end.  

Who Texts Who First 
It doesn't make a difference. It's not a sign that he enjoys you or doesn't prefer you. 
Guys are simple. On the off chance that you truly need to perceive how he's doing, text him yourself as opposed to fixating on what it implies or doesn't mean when he doesn't message you. 
All it means is that he didn't message you. 

What Men Are Thinking 
Better believe it, we need to join with them. Boys'd like to interface with us as well. 
All things considered, their musings in any given minute aren't that intriguing. Indeed, we'll presumably be exhausted to death by their regular musings. 
Just inquire as to whether you really think about the answer (and more frequently than you may like the answer may have something to do with games or work). 

So ladies, you know it... I am sure you already know it: guys are easy to understand. 
So dont't complicate our life.

We are better. 



“Hi! I'm Veruska, an Italian graduate lost in London. I'm absolutely moody, lazy, jealous, pessimistic and shy. Passionate about something different everyday. Teenager inside, but not on ID card anymore."