Saying 'stop' in a relationship is hard. Beside the allegorical making of you extremely upset, there are those careful online networking updates that yes, your ex does still have an existence (fortunately or not) and he is going fine and happy even without you. 
And you?
You – I mean you as me, we, us, all together- can make a stride towards post-dumping mental prosperity by cutting all ties with THAT ex. 
Ladies aren't floundering and consuming their sentiments post-separation but we are taking sound, proactive ventures like working out, investing time with companions and maintaining a strategic distance from ex sex.
Here are other separation myths and certainties our overview uncovered: 

Food part1.
Comedies have us expecting that a half quart of Ben & Jerry's or Nutella or Pancakes or Hamburger are our top decision for post-dumping liberality. In any case such is not the situation. We prefere do help ourselfes with a good glass of wine -red please- when reeling from a separation; chocolate is the second choice and ice cream after behind. 

Food part2
It's anything but difficult to accept weight increase accompanies separation region. 
No, after a breackup we are not prettier, nicer, funnier, and bla bla bla. 
We are a mess. A fat mess. Say thanks to 'Food part1' you have just red.

Ex sex? 
Ex sex is dependably a terrible thought. 
The ideal approach to recuperate is sped time woth your friends (If they are available to keep listent to your monolougues about the bast*rd), go to the shopping centre and take care of you, hope someone who really love you give to you a voucher for a beautyfarm. With a lot of champagne. A lot.

Let's be friends.
NO. Say no. Reply no.
Maybe 10 years ago, but now with Facebook and Twitter and stalking network you can't.
Knowing when your ex has succumbed to another person? No thanks honey. 
In the event that you feel the sting of envy when you understand your ex has proceeded onward, its probable in light of the fact that you're not over him. The idea that set from sweethearts to companions not long after a separation is not a smart thought.
Dismembering eventually, physically, candidly and digitally, is by all accounts the better technique.

So how to survive now?...

Talking it through with the ex, consuming and having ex sex as the minimum viable method for proceeding onward from a relationship. 


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